Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 1

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Puji said in sobs, “I’ll let you hooked … and know that you want to make peace with you! Want to become familiar and close ….! “
Audible sobs, Suro Bodong more confused seventh round. “Ssstt… quiet please….. Do not cry. You’re close to it? “
“But you do not hold me …!” He was interrupted by sobbing  Suro Bodong’s confusing. Then, slowly embracing Praise WardaniBodong Suro.
“Quiet please………I’m holding you, right?”
“But it does not tight….”

Suro Bodong tightened his arms. Puji Wardani still sobbed for a while. Suro Bodong restrained.
“Shhh … ooo…you still crying? I thought I hold you tight … “
“I…..I…..oh…..I’m happy….”
“What….?” Whispered Suro.
“I’m happy…” Puji replied in tears.
“I’m….I’m too happy. But….I could not cry.
I’ve forgotten how to cry …. still, sad heart, and I later went along crying you know…..”
“Weep for the happiness of this, Suro.”
“Do not make me cry, it’s hard to stop.”
“I’m going to stop it.”
“In what way?”
“Take Me to fly …” Puji the occasional whispered.
“Ah, do not ….!” Suro said. “I’ll take you flying.”
“Bring ….! Hurry take me to fly … “
“Shhh … do not lock the door ….”
“Lock the bolt …. soon ….!”
“Krek” locked door. Stop crying. Complained incarnate.

Second seed Puji Wardani closed eyes. “Jest my heart’s content, Suro,” he said as he pulled the neck Suro. Their faces were getting closer and finally they have two lips together tightly coupled with a kiss that arouse lust. Suro, who began immediately aroused reaction. His hands began to grope breasts Puji Wardani and fresh ripe. Suro was for its own pleasure, who had traveled not necessarily the goal, get a woman this beautiful and elegant. Suro started wringing breast tenderness and praise with full … full of feelings. Praise yourself squirming while the ungodly with the breath roaring like a racehorse.

Suro’s hand began to Puji and stripping clothes revealing clothes one by one to Puji naked, Suro own clothes were stripped immediately. Finally, they were already naked. Puji be to attack the body which has a plain Suro it …. He was closer to her breast in Suro mouth …. Suro did not stay silent, he quickly devoured the breast that has begun to tighten Praise and hard ….. not only that, Suro also plays boobs but nipple sucking Puji immediately reached into his groin fingers Puji….”…..Ouhhhhh aaaaahhhh….” Puji the mouth of the long nan sighed softly, her body writhing take fizz.
“Go….Suro …. go……” Puji said pressing her breasts into his mouth Suro. Suro turns out not only proficient in his martial arts but also adept at playing the mouth and hands to the body of Puji.


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