10 Hair Style Inspirations To Glam You Up

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Proper style to your hair whether long, short or medium, can give you an instant glam quotient. Thinking about time constraints? Looking beautiful seldom requires time and effort. Proving that is not a big deal with these hairstyles, which you can put up in no time. Read through this list of hairdo’s that take very less time to make them. 

For Short Length Hair 

  1. Tousled Tresses – Keeping it simply rough and messed. Hair style experts say that short hair look great if kept messed, but not too messed. Just dampen your hair, run your hand through them, tousle a bit and there you get the look.
  2. Short & smooth Side-swept – If you have straight hair which is ear length, then just go for this style. It makes you look cutely professional. Just side part your hair, comb a bit and leave them sweet and simple.   
  3. Fringed Look – It closely resembles the messed up look. But here the hair is more organized. Fringed hairdo looks awesome, if you have super straight hair. You can add streak of color to it. 
  4. Pixie Cut – Being extremely short in its style, this goes well for curly, straight and light hair. It just requires right cut and added styling. Maintaining it is easy, all you need is good brushing in the morning and that’s it. 

For Shoulder Length 

  1. All curled up – Having natural curls accentuates your beauty. All you need is styling them right. Just dry your hair after a wash and brush them till hair tips. Put a misting conditioner on the tips and brush them.  
  2. Unwashed Hair – This takes less than 60 sec to make. You have unwashed, dry hair? Good, just pick few bunch of hair from front of your crown, back comb them and tie the bunch to the side with hair clip. Now gently brush the rest keeping the pinned hair undisturbed.  

For Long Locks 

  1. Looped Ponytail – Just grab all your hair in tight rubber band to make a pony tail. Now flip your hair to make a loop. 
  2. Evergreen Buns – They look fabulous, very neat and sophisticated. Making one at home is not difficult. You can try the Ballerina bun or a simple French twist or the braided bun.  
  3. Braids & Plaits – If your long locks require being more tidy, you can try braids. They don’t have to be the dull regular or the more intricate. For a quick hairstyle you can have French plait both back and side. A simple side plait looks amazing with some lose strands. Fishtail plait looks splendid, but could be a little complex if you can’t make it alone. 
  4. Half Up, Half down – Makes you look classy, with a casual touch. Just requires a hair clamp and comb. Clip you hair high, leaving some flicks loose and that’s it.  

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