Hotels Along Trans-Canada Highway

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If you are looking for Trans-Canada highway hotels, you already know that this is the world’s longest national highway connecting ten provinces from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Every one dreams of enjoying a drive along this highway in their RV, enjoying the various sites and camping along the way. For someone to cover this entire highway, it would take just under a couple of months to do the round trip. Truck stops dot the highway and besides a welcome break from travel, also offer good food, fuel and other amenities that are essential to keep the trucker going.

The Trans-Canada Highway is considered one of the most picturesque routes and offers plenty of places to see including national parks, bridges, historic sites, charming villages, fortresses, museums, lakes and tunnels, just to name some.

Of the various Trans-Canada highway hotels, the most popular is the Yellowhead Inn in Edmonton, Alberta, also dubbed the festival city of Canada. Most travelers prefer to use Edmonton as their base to visit various parts of Canada since it is the hub of activity and conveniently located. With thousands of events taking place throughout the year, Edmonton sees millions of visitors. There are also several vacation destinations nearby, making it convenient to stop at Edmonton. Edmonton is the gateway to the North and has over 800,000 residents. The part of the Trans-Canada highway, also called the nation’s “main street”, traversing this area is called the Yellowhead Highway, which enters Alberta at Lloydminster and meanders through it, across Vegreville and then Elk Island National Park to arrive in Edmonton.

While there are several good hotels in Edmonton, the Yellowhead Inn is particularly preferred for its highway hospitality by tourists and truckers alike. Some of these are:

•           Location – along the Yellowhead trail on the highway leading into town

•           Home style affordable accommodation

•           Convenient lodging choice

•           Exceptional prices for the best amenities anywhere

•           Laundry services

•           Spacious accommodation with choice of smoking and nonsmoking rooms

•           Pet friendly rooms

•           Excellent customer service as well as room service

•           Walking distance from the Yellowhead Casino

•           An onsite restaurant, banquet and Husky gas station for fuel needs

•           Liquor depot and liquor store

•           Lady Luck VLT lounge, X-bar, adult entertainment

•           Business meeting facilities, high speed internet access

•           Easy access to Edmonton’s largest events and the highway

•           Free parking for trucks, buses, RVs and cars

•           Online booking facilities

Online websites usually list a variety of hotels, motels, bed and breakfast accommodations on this route but hotels like Yellowhead Inn is considered the ideal place to stay for its proximity to the town. 

If you are planning a trip in your RV and have decided to book into a Trans-Canada Highway hotel, it is a good idea to choose comfortable accommodation that not only gives you access to the nearby attractions but also make sure your stay is memorable.  There is nothing like friendly staff that looks after your every need to make your trip one to remember.


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