Tips in Cooking Pineapple Pork Recipe

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Cooking pineapple pork (pininyahang baboy) is a Filipino-style recipe that is often served in big gatherings or during special occassions. This is perhaps due to the many ingredients needed to master the pininyahang baboy recipe.

Cooking pineapple pork or pininyahang baboy doesn’t have to be complex, though. We you look at its ingredients, pininyahang baboy is but a pork dish with pineapple bits and syrup. It’s a saucy dish with a sweet and sour taste of pineapple in pork bites. More so, you get the health benefits of pork and pineapple in one simple recipe. 

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                                                              Cooking pineapple pork recipe.

Cooking pineapple pork is easy. To make it easier and more worthwhile, here are some tips which you can use when you’re cooking pineapple pork at home.

1. Feel free to use chicken if you don’t have pork at home in cooking pineapple pork (in this case, pineapple chicken). If you’re going for the healthier option, I suggest using loin cuts of pork or skinless chicken breasts. If you want a tastier dish however, using shoulder butt or skinned chicken would do the trick.

2. Mix in garlic-flavored margarine in your cooking oil before saute’ing crushed garlic. This will add more taste to your pork or chicken when you fry them.


3. Be generous on your garlic. Crush more than enough garlic when you’re cooking pineapple pork or any recipe with garlic in it. You can never put too much of it in your dish.

4. Fry the pork or chicken with the garlic. There are 2 things to note. First, fry the pork; do not stew it with the other ingredients. Second, fry the pork with garlic so that it will adapt its garlicky flavor in your dish.

5. Use quick-melt cheese to thicken your sauce. I use President’s cheese spread. You can brand as long as it melts quickly when you cook.

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6. When all the ingredients are in your pan and everything is cooked, put the stove to low heat. Your dish may not yet be fully ready. Let it simmer for some extra minutes to allow the flavors to blend together well.

7. Enjoy your pineapple pork with a hot serving of brown rice to get the most nutrition from this tasty meal.

These tips should give you a big help in cooking pineapple pork recipe. Bookmark this page if you liked this article. Feel free to share this link to your family and friends.

Enjoy cooking pineapple pork recipe soon!


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