How to Make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

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  • You will need :     A very large stock pot (soup)

                                       3 to 4 chicken bouillon cubes

                                       4 leg and thigh chicken quaters( you can use white meat, but dark leaves a better flavor)

                                       4 cans of peeled whole tomatoes…make sure its peeled WHOLE Tomatoes. They have more 

                                         juice, and no tomatoes skins. You will need the juice, can’t subsitute

                                       1 can of whole kernal or cream corn which ever you like.

                                       1 can of early peas (sweet peas) 

                                        1 Medium to Large onion

                                        1 clove of garlic, you can use the jar minced garlic also

                                        1 small box of regular spagetti noodles

  • Fill your large soup pot half full with water, place all the chicken quarters in pot.(with skin on) Bring to a boil and let it boil on med. heat until chicken is throughly done. about 30 to 45 minutes.

  • When chicken is cooked remove chicken from pot and let cool.  

  • Dice onion, not small pieces but not to large you don’t want them to cook down and disappear. Add the onion to the pot with the not chicken stock

  • Add the can of corn juice and all

  • Add the can of sweet peas

  • Add the clove of garlic, you can add more just make sure you taste so that you don’t get an overpowering taste of the garlic

  • Now remove the skin from the chicken and cut from bone, cut the chicken into small bite size pieces and add to stock

  • Now the tomatoes, drain the juice into the pot and remove the tomatoes and dice into small pieces add to stock

  • Add the 3 bouillon cubes, wait till all ingredients are in pot before adding the 4th one you may not need it, it all depends on the flavore the chicken left in the stock

  • Now add the full box of Spagettin Noodles you will want to break them in half if you like alot of noodles you can add a little more, but make sure not to add too many they will soak up all the soup juice

  • Let it cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes then turn down to low and let it simmer for about 45 min to an hour.

Get some saltine crackers and a salad or sandwich or both and enjoy.

This is easy to cook and is great and saves money.

Let me know how you liked it!!!


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