Dental Care in Children

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Dental care is very important to start from childhood. Because the fluids used to drink very likely trigger a baby tooth decay. What can be done by the mother to keep the child’s oral hygiene?

Health and growth of the baby teeth have taken place since he’s still in the womb. Therefore, expectant mothers should be diligent in eating foods with balanced nutrition, especially those containing calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, and some types of vitamin B and a little fluoride (mineral).

And when the baby is born, though not yet grown teeth, should have been taught to brush your teeth, start by cleaning the gums and mouth. Thus, children are accustomed clean his mouth. In addition, cleaning the baby’s gums may also serve to overcome the pain when the teeth begin to come out.

Clean the teeth and mouth as a child is certainly going to make the baby are accustomed, even when the milk teeth have grown. And at this time that dental hygiene habits and oral increasingly important, because the milk teeth of children under five easily damaged, black, or eroded.

According to specialists, the main cause of tooth decay is the acid produced by bacteria present in the oral cavity. The bacteria will produce acid when there are leftovers, which contain sugar and flour, which is sticky on the teeth for a long time. The acid can then cause damage to the hard layer of teeth (enamel), which causes cavities.

Among children under five, the biggest cause of tooth decay is to drink milk or other sweet liquids through the dot. Tips to prevent baby tooth decay:

  • Give your baby one or two tablespoons of water to ‘wash’ his mouth, every time the baby has finished drinking milk or other sweet liquids.

  • Do not get used to sleeping with a baby bottle nipple in the mouth, because it would inundate the sweet tooth and can cause damage.

  • Check with your child’s teeth every six months, so that in case of disturbances can be detected and handled.

  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride, because these substances can increase tooth resistance to acid.

  • Not used to eating foods that are too sweet. Sticky sugars that can accelerate the teeth become damaged.


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