A Guide to Corporate Gift Thank-You Notes

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   A considerate and customized thank-you card can make a lasting effect. Good times to give thank-you cards are when you give gifts to your new customers, clients, or staff members. Whether you’re giving the card to a client or customer to thank them for several years of devotion or to express your gratitude for their service, a thank-you card that expresses your gratitude in a genuine and effective method is very important. If you’d like to be sure that your personalized thank-you note absolutely expresses the idea you want to get across, here are some ideas to bear in mind.

K.I.S.S which stands for Keep It Simple and Sweet
   A Thank You note really needs some degree of personalization in it. Elect what makes this person significant in your life, especially in the past year. Focus on something you like about them or refer to something they did for you that made a visible impact in your life.   
   It’s important too to make sure that thank-you notes are handwritten and thank-you cards are filled in with a little extra than what’s already printed on the card. Even the most honest message will not seem as important if it’s printed on a computer. If you’re including a thank-you note along with a thank-you gift, most companies will provide a service that permits you to incorporate a personal message with the gift. Be sure to take advantage of this particular service if you are can not slip a handwritten note accompanying the gift.

Be Sincere
   Customers, clients and employees are all quite good at distinguishing a real thank-you from a less heart-felt one. If you’re planning to take the time and effort to send a gift, it’s well worth taking the time to create a truly sincere message. By doing so, you can easily show your true feelings. This will go a long way toward building the level of business connections that are essential to the success of your company. A fairly easy but tasteful gift along with a sincere thank-you note can let employees know they are appreciated team members, and let customers know how much you appreciate their business.

Include Your Note with the Gift
   Linking your thank-you card with the gift can also make your gift a little bit more enjoyable and unique. For instance, if you give a package of candy, a small cake, or some other sweet treat as a gift you could add a line on your thank-you card that references the “sweetness” of many years of doing business together. This type of reference is simple to do. It only requires a well-worded sentence and a little bit of savvy.


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