How to Make Money Through Internet

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Man has the tools and all that it takes to make him stand on his feet as a man. The days of MANNA and QUAILS from heaven are over, beside we are not in the wilderness that is unfruitful we are in a fruitful land blessed by God but he can’t come down from heaven to put food on your table you have to work and bring in the food out there to your house. Every man has wonderful free gift from God you have to stand to your feet and make good use of these gift these gift are A SOUND MIND, THE RIGHT IDEAS, A WORKING WISDOM, A BRIGHT KNOWLEDGE, and A POWERFUL POTENTIAL. These gift brings about mans greatness in life it can make you to become one of the richest man you dream of in the world. Some great men like Bill Gate invented computers, Michael Faraday discovered electricity, and other people also came out with internet and business on internet.

You are capable of doing so my friend, they are created by God like you nothing in them is different from yours by other people idea and develop yours   but you should develop a sound mind so the right idea will come to you which will be accompanied with wisdom and knowledge with powerful potential to plunge you into your wonderful future.


Internet is an international computer network connecting other networks and computers for the purpose of giving out information. You can agree with me that internet has to do with network and network has to do with information sharing.

How do we get information on internet? How do we use the information and how will it be useful to human. what you are reading right now is gives you information, you use the information by practicing what you have read and it will be useful when the information change your mind set making you know other ways you can reach to other people around the world and make money out of it as well.


1: EXTRACTING MONEY FROM THE NET; you make money with the help of internet you buy or get idea, information from the internet modernise them and come out with good books that has vital information useful to human and make your cool money. It is save is not an offence doing so. There is nowhere in the net where they write “NO PART OF THIS WORK SHOULD BE DUPLICATED, STORED IN A SYSTEM, and PHOTOCOPIED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR OR WEBSITE OWNER” They will never do that if they don’t want you to have the articles they will direct you to a page that you will be required to pay before you get the information. Some people get romance articles from the net and sell why others get many other useful articles that give them money. Mind you the lovely and enticing words you receive when your friends and love ones send a card to you, where do you think they get it from? The wise people are making cool bucks and the unwise are looking around for employment.

2: MAKING MONEY IN THE NET; In making money in the net you buy the provision, remain there in the market and make money out of it the net business is risky because of the many internet scams and fraud associated with it. Before you go into net business, you must have must also have an E-MAIL address and you must also have an internet account. This account helps you to make and receive payments in the net. Go on your search engine and get good for internet banking and business. Have good time.


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