Carnosine – a Health Supplement

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Carnosine is a molecule consists of two amino acids. It is most common in body tissues in skeletal muscle, heart muscle, stomach and brain and its concentration falls with age. This molecule has some antioxidant potential and this is why it is being used as a main part of some body supplements.

Vegetarian people generally lack some of the nutrients which are found in non-vegetarian food. Carnosine helps in supplementing these nutrients and it helps thereby in anti-aging of body.It is also beneficial in diabetes as carnosine helps or protects against the bad effects of high sugar levels on human body. Also people having problem with their eyesight may find it very effective to use the supplements involving carnosine. Carnosine is believed to help or benefit in anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, muscle ageing, cataract, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders.

Well people get cautious while using supplements as it involves side effects on our body and may lead to some other disorders but as far as research and medical practice is concerned, we should always take these types of supplements after consulting doctors or practitioners. This carnosine can also lead to some disorders when taken in an absurd way. It should be taken 100 to 250 mg few days in a week, strictly not more than that. If you will take it under correct guidance, within two months you will be able to find the difference.

However I am not a medical practitioner but these things attract me and force me to do some research on them. However you need to get your own research on them and then consult a doctor before taking any of these kinds of health supplements.

One more reason I am talking about this thing is that carnosine is a top researched keyword in the last 7 days in United States of America. So I wanted to know what it is about. Anyways, the bottom line is if some body has some disorders which could be sorted out from these things, why not share them.

There are many products in the market now which uses carnosine as its part.

L-Carnosine is an antioxidant and it supports muscle vitality and protects them from free radicals. Hammer nutrition HEED is a high energy electrolyte drink which is an all in one mix for energy and endurance. Ultimate Nutrition AdreNoline builds and recovers muscles as you train while keeping your muscles hydrated.

Thanks and keep yourself healthy. 


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