Chris Brown And Rihanna

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It looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna may be getting back together. I do not approve of this union for the obvious reasons. Chris Brown does not seems to be very sorry for his actions and he is just so full of himself. He does not seem to be the type of person who will really learn from their mistakes. This is sad but true. We all want to give people second chances and hope that they will improve for the better. However, I feel that sometimes it is better to stay on the side of caution especially when it comes to cases of violent abuse.

Rihanna is a hypocrite. When Chris Brown first beat her up she claimed that she would never get back with him because she did not want to set a bad example for her fans. However, later she made that stupid song with Eminem about how she likes the way it hurts and had all her female fans listen to this garbage. I mean I have to say it is a catchy song and everything if you are suicidal. However, I think in this case Rihanna may have gained popularity but lost her dignity. Well, I guess a lot of pop stars lose their dignity early on in their career just to get to the top.

Well, now that Chris Brown got a Grammy I guess Rihanna sees him in a different light and maybe thinking about getting back together with him. I think this guy may be good in bed and he is talented. However, with that kind of violent temper he is not good for a relationship. I think Rihanna should not work with Vhris Brown and should put her safey first. Also, I think she should keep her word to her fans and set a good example for them. Imagine all the young women who look up to Rihanna. If they see that she gets back with her attacker Chris Brown, they will get the impression that if someone abuses you, it means you should not leave. That is a dangerous game to play.


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