Role of Society Towards Women Abuse And Eve Teasing

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Women these days do not feel safe out of their house, as the day-to-day environment has gone worsened. In fact the young generation has made this condition worsen to a great extent. The approach of the society to such activities has also made the fact more complex. Women are abused because of reasons like dowry, money, incapability to give birth to male baby, and so on. Also eave teasing has increased mostly in Asian and Muslim countries.

Recently news came to the limelight that an Afghan girl of mere 15 years was bitten severely by her relatives to go for prostitution, but she disagreed. They put hot iron rods to her hand, took off her nails and broke her hand. She was admitted to hospital. Such type of incidents comes out now and then. What is the society and administration doing for this type of demonic crimes? The whole humanity needs an answer.

Eve teasing has increased considerably in the recent years. Certain reports conclude that it has increased in the years by an overwhelming 20-30%. Girls are kidnapped from outside college gates or their way to tuition and raped and afterwards severely wounded or killed. But the criminals roam freely year after year. Very few cases have been reported of punishment. And that too, when the knowledgeable people go and protest in numbers.

The dowry system, mostly in developing countries has been a severe issue of the society. The parents give their priceless child to the hands of greedy evils, and afterwards news comes of burn and die, or suicide because of excessive beating. Such people should be severely punished. Also the administration of the countries should make a note of the fact and make severe punishment for these type of criminals.

The young generation has also some work to do. They should know that being over modernized does not help. The clothes they wear, specially the girls, makes the eve teasers more attracted towards them leading to severe crimes. So, it should be kept in mind, that be what you are at the right place. If you are in USA New York, its fine, but if you are in a undeveloped country road with such type of clothes, you are inviting danger to yourself. So girls should be aware of this fact.

Lastly, it should be kept in mind, that everyone has a responsibility towards themselves and to the society. Respect a woman, and you will develop in personality. And it is an universal truth. The Government should be strict towards these facts and also the different social activists that are working on diminishing such activities.


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