What Is Direct Banner Advertising?

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Direct banner advertising is by far the easiest way to make lucrative income from your blog/website. This is because; you cut out the middle man, hence increasing your revenue potential by 50%. You don’t have to share revenue with a middle man.

For instance, if an advertiser is willing to spend $50.00 for a text link placed on your website per month, you will only make $25.00 if you had to share revenue with the middle man. Now, here’s a simple question; why should you share revenue with someone, when in fact you are the one doing the most work? This is a question that only you can answer.

Of course, larger advertising networks do have access to a wide range of advertisers, and sure, they do have more credibility than you do to seal the deals. But if you have a reputable website, with all the requirements in place, you can certainly sell your own ads just as efficiently as larger networks do.

Selling your own ads provides you with the flexibility that you need, in terms of ad placement on your site. You will choose where you want to place your ads and make the most out of them.

Having sponsors and direct advertisers on your website will increase your credibility in the long run. I have seen poorly crafted websites serve ads here and there, but having well established companies paying for ads on your site is a plus.

While it is true that you can create a lucrative income by selling your own ads, putting together a profitable yet reputable site requires hard work. And yes, it can be done, one step at a time. All you need is patience, and a strategy to follow.

Before you start looking for advertisers, you need to have tons of traffic on your website daily. 1000 daily unique visitors to your website will do it. Most bloggers find it hard to get traffic to their websites because of poor content. Unique content is the key to getting tons of traffic to your site on a regular basis.

Therefore, your focus should be on building a professional looking website with a professional design. You can spend a few hundred dollars to have someone build your site for you if you are not technical savvy. Once your site is up and ready, it is now time to start looking for advertisers. You must keep in mind though, that it takes time for any plan to mature, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find advertisers quickly. You should also check to see what the other website owners are charging for direct ads on their sites, and you must be flexible.

Although Google Ad Words is the largest, there are other advertising networks that you should consider. Some of them are AdBrite, Kontera, Text-Link-Ads, Sponsored Reviews, etc. the list is almost endless.


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