Delivery of 11 Babies by Indian Women-A World Record of Its Own!!!

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Have you ever heard of this fact ever in the whole lifetime of yours? I do not think you have ever heard this, or heard this even from your ancestors. Really is it 11 babies by Indian women on a single day. But what we see or hear is pretty much different from what is true. It can be said, that these weird news can come from India only. Its solely because of the media representing this fact as if a single woman has delivered 11 babies on a single day! But it is not the case. The case is pretty different.

The Indian media has done a pretty much job by attracting the attention of the people towards this cause. And it has been successful so far. Ofcourse, you the article reader will be pretty much excited to know the actual reason behind this impossible to hear news. And the news is the delivery of test tube babies by different 11 women on a single day. Now you will be thinking what is special in that. There are millions of child born every day? Well it is special for the day is so special and it is a real nobel success for a single hospital to work this out.

The real news is detailed here. Actually on the day of 11/11/11, this is considered to be a special day as you can see the combination by yourself. By the Invitro fertilization-Test Tube Baby Treatment technique, in a Hospital at Surat, Gujarat those 11 babies were born to 11 mothers who relied on the doctors there. Really it is a great achievement for the Hospital which is known as 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre. The deliveries of the babies were held out by Dr. Purnima Nadkarni, Dr. Pooja Nadkarni, Dr. Kishore Nadkarni and Dr. Aditi Nadkarni. They are from the elective caesarian department.

People were confused about the news and many were shocked, but after the real truth many were really surprised with the Indian media and how can they spread a news with so much spice in it. Many were happy of the fact that such an achievement on such a day was presented to the nation. Even media has gone one step up by saying it as a miracle and should be a world record. Though we are not going to far about the fact. Indian media delivers the news as the article title itself and so do people get shocked. Such facts are really a part of happiness, but to make them over the limit is also not good.


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