John Cena (Rise Above Hate).

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I am a big fan of WWE(World Wrestling entertainment). I have been watching WWf and WWE shows since years. There is one man who is being an ideal of everyone these day. Obviously, I am talking about John Cena. His terrific performance in WWE shows, how great he is.

This article is a brief about John Cena and his life. John cena Born on April 23, 1977. He is an American actor, rapper and a professional wrestler.  He has won many championship in his profession. He has won more than 19 championship including 12 World titles. His billed height is 6ft 1 inch and weight is 251 lb(114 KG).  He born in West new burry massachusetts. He is the second eldest of five brothers. He is a graduate from Cushing Academy. He attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. He graduated in 1998 with a degree in exercise physiology and pursued in bodybuilding after that.  He writes left handed. 

He is a fan of Japanese Animation. His favorite movie is Fist of the North Star. He married to his Girl friend Elizabeth Huberdeau in July 11, 2009. He has also worked in many movies. He is a music lover. He also performed his fifth WWE theme song “Basic Thugonomics” himself. His first movie was “The Marine”. This movie made approximately US$7 million at the United States box office.  Once it was released on DVD, it made $30 million in first week.

Cena started training in in 2000 to become professional wrestler at california-Base “Ultimate University”. His character name at that time was known as The Prototype. In 2001, he signed a contract with WWF. Cena wrestled as both The Prototype and Mr. P.  Cena made his debut by answering an open challenge by Kurt Angle on 27 June 2002. He almost beat Angle but lost the match unfortunately. Cena became famous feuding with Chris Jericho. Since, then he won many championship. He made a record being 10 times WWE Champion ship. He defeated many superstars. Recently, Cena defeated Kane in a Dangerous Ambulance match. 

Now, we are looking forward to his next match against The Rock in Wrestlemania 2012.  I hope you like this article about Cena.


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