Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn

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Suro Bodong actually see the desperation Puji Wardani fumbled it, but she caught herself with composure. He stood at the door and looked Puji Wardani the sweet, beautiful and very soft in the atmosphere of the evening wearing a light green silk dress.
“What do you mean to come into this room?” Said Suro of the front door. Praise be to sit at simple wooden chair.
“I want to apologize to you!”
“It’s up! Sorry I do not have stock again.
If you like, forgive yourself! “Suro said.
Puji glancing sulkily. Also annoyed him to hear the words that say it’s origin. Moreover, this time Suro said casually, “Hey, if you frown so beautiful! Why are not diligent, industrious pout, I’ll keep it beautiful? “
Puji Wardani soon loosened his face, no longer frown, but put arrogance and curt.
“I’m not here to talk about beauty,” he said, although the actual words Suro was pleasant to the ears of Puji. “I’m here just to apologize for accusations and hatred that time …”
“And …?”
“And then …. I also thank you, because you have rescued me from the attempt of false rape Suro Bodong it …!”
“You love said no,” Suro said firmly. Puji Wardani turned quickly to look sharp. Suro Bodong walked over to the table in front of Puji. He sipped his drink while.
“I can not help you. I just want to kill those who speak ill of my good name! ”

Olive-skinned face was a red dice. There is a sense of shame and indignation to hide behind silence Puji Wardani.
“Then I was mistaken.”
“Indeed,” said Suro Bodong. “Therefore, at the Suro Bodong thank you jab back, because as he is then you can wake me up with a scream.”
Puji be silent. Silenced for a long time. Suro Bodong watched it with a liberal face. Then he teased, “You’re disappointed because my appearance then, is not it?”
Puji immediately looked up and glared at the Suro Bodong.”You told me so cruel! You think I’m happy to be raped him? ”

Suro offhand pile lying on the couch with two pillows. He said, “I thought you were happy, because then I see no torn clothes.

That’s a sign you willingly open it. “
“Because I thought he was you!” Puji snapped with mounting annoyance. “I thought he was you, then give me a little chance of him! But after I know she is not you, not the original Bodong Suro,I screamed and scared! Clear? “Puji to talk as he approached Suro.
Now instead of a blank empty Suro Bodong hear confessions. He can grasp the meaning of those words. But, the truth is beyond belief that such estimates have Puji.

Suro to rush to be mediocre. He even smiled sardonically and said, “Ah, that’s it only your reason. I think you already know he’s not me, then you let him control your body for a moment, then …you’re satisfied,
and just yell surprise me. So I’m the one who gets a small surprise! “
“Damn ….!”
“Plak…!” Suro Bodong fiercely slapped by praise.
“Plak…!” Suro’s face once again the target of Puji hand. But when the hand was about to be slapped for the third time, Suro Bodong rush caught Puji Wardani wrist.
“Enough …! This face, not just arbitrarily slap play drums!” Snapped  Suro Bodong while sitting on the couch.
Puji Wardani showed that red eyes burning anger and sadness.

“You insult me ​​…!
You accused me of being so cruel …! I think you are … sluts! “
Suro Bodong hastily covered her mouth with his hand Puji Wardani. He said softly but clearly, “Shut up! I actually just wanted to say that you’re beautiful, irresistible to all men, including me! But if you cry and get angry, you’re just daring me to make out. Stop anger. Stop crying. Do not hook my manhood with an attitude like that. I can not stand, you know…? “
Suro Bodong hand off her mouth Puji  Wardani. Now was filmed mouth, eyes still staring at the Suro Bodong. the clear water and melt. Then, with Puji Wardani immediately hugged tightly Suro Bodong . Burst into tears at the Suro shoulder. Now, Suro Bodong own confusion. Apparently she was more willing to start over on him. Wow …. a mess!
“Do not cry….I’ll…. I’m hooked….”


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