Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 8

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Suro was the cry made ​​so jump down. He was silent, in doubt and is considering the request of Duke’s. Duke knew Suro in doubt. He immediately called out again,

“Do not be putting your face in front of people!
Please do not! Dangerous Suro…! Look…the sun started coming out of the horizon, soon will be bright! “
Duke voice, which sounds like all the attention please. Suro Bodong restraint immediately, and then he went back into place. He hastens to meet Praise Wardani that did not have any injuries, except the waist a little pain.
“Are you okay?” Said Suro.
Puji Wardani shook his head. He still grinned slightly, and immediately led Suro Bodong to go into his room.
“The next time I want to fight …. do not forget to use your brain!
If you live in the rooms of the brain, you can not win, you know? May actually be dead …! “Suro said harshly, and he does not care about the rudeness.
“Now you know I’m not him, and he’s not me anyway?” Suro said to Puji Wardani-swab is rubbed by her mother’s waist, while the Duke himself standing nervously beside Puji Wardani.
“Unfortunately only ten soldier who saw the fight earlier. Wijaya and Rahuto no. I wish they were there, I think they know it … “
“We already know …!” Said Duke. “Since the meeting last night, I said, we already know who you are. You’re not him! ”

Puji Wardani said irritably, “So what exactly do you want, Suro? Want to sue us? Seek me alone! I’m the best revenge you!I …! “Cried Puji the anger that arises from a sense of regret him. “I persuade Romo to punish the other day! If you feel righteous and vindictive, greet me. What do you want? This is my sword and kill me with this sword!

Kill….! ”

Suro Bodong grumble, then leave Puji Wardani. Praise is not persuaded his mother was still curious. He is pursuing Suro Bodong reached the door, grabbed his arm and thrust his sword Suro.
“Hurry kill me …!”
“What are you insane crazy?” Said Suro Bodong.
“To hell with what the sane insane, if you were hurt by charges us, shoot me! I grudge thee the most of saving. Come on, kill me …! “
“Just tell Suro Bodong who had …! Why did you wear all the screaming …? Why did not ask killed at the Suro Bodong vague… “
With a curt and sullen full grumbled, Suro Bodong away, out of the room. He did not pay much attention to the mirror that is used to see her room. He was wandering so
Just after saying that. Puji Wardani exclaimed,
“Where are you?”
“Treated …!” Suro said casually. Praise be to stop grumbling after realizing, Suro chest was blue due to blow your opponent. Well, life-threatening.
Is it dangerous? Why had looked pale Bodong Suro once yelled Puji Wardani ? Are there any toxins from the blow that would destroy and end the life of Suro Bodong?

With over half a day of meditation, Suro Bodong managed to heal the wounds in his chest that was blue. During meditation he did, he did not know if Puji Wardani attention continues through the mirror in the room through the desert Puji it.

Indeed, recently Puji Wardani like to Suro Bodong strangefeeling, especially now that he knows exactly Suro Bodong not murderers of the people, instead of killing her husband. Puji Wardani like to save yourself if you notice a vibration Suro in the mirror. He was annoyed when Suro indifferent to him. He wants to have a good relationship with Suro, as long as he observed the movements of Suro, he was find a softness behind roughness Suro Bodong. he also found some things that had amazing and thrilling. According to him, Suro is a man full of pride. It’s just the pride that was hidden behind his own wishes and a little rough.

“Hey, what have you stood there? ‘Said Suro Bodong with unfriendly. But Puji know what is behind it inhospitable. A sense of awe that is hidden! And …. Therefore, praise his own should not pretend to know anything about his admiration Suro Bodong. He walked into the room and said, “I have this desperate to talk to you!” Words that could make Bodong Suro blank.

“Do not go to my room! Later allegations of poor parents to me. “
“I want to clarify if they have a bad notion,” said Puji snapped.


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