Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 7

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What is clear, at the Suro Bodong it manages to keep his balance, so that it can be landed with both feet straight up. Right at the Suro feet are nearly the size of a pebble in the hand of dice. Suro kick towards the opponent’s stones. Float like a stone thrown by a muscular hand.
“Aaauuhh …!” Opponents moaning in pain, because the stone was just the tip of his nose to bleed. Suro to rush to jump and kick the opponent’s face. Who kicked the sword swaying, waving nonsense.
“Ciaaat …!”
Puji Wardani already wore it brushed back her sword from the opposite direction.
“Haaagh …!”
The man was startled and in pain because of Puji Wardani sword blow right on his back. The back was of a long gash and the blood began to trickle. Opponent’s turn. Sword held with both hands, raised to the sideof the head, directed to Praise Wardani. Stomping his feet to the ground, yelling
“Heaaat …! Heeeaaat …!
“Ciaaat …!” Just then the original Bodong Suro kicking his opponent from the side. Suro feet are hard and stiff it struck his temple with a hard opponent.

Not be opposed to removing the unsafe sword. He fell and hit a tree somersault. Suro Bodong soon rolled in the grass and stomping his feet again with a double kick. Both kick right on the head and stomach opponent, so that it became more bounce away from the place. Even had time to float to the top like a doll thrown.
“Aaah …! Aaauh …! “Suro Bodong false-oh woe.

He tried to stand up, Suro Bodong not allowed. But by the time he was flying, bodies falling Suro Bodong bounce back. Power punches in the coming out of the palm of your opponent’s chest hit the Suro Bodong. Suro be a blue chest. Sick! Shortness of breath. Blow without the intention was apparently greater than the blow that had been received in the room.

“Hell you, ciaaat …!” Puji Wardani jump and directs his sword toward the opponent.
“Puji…. don’t! danger of it …! “cried Suro Bodong.
Suro was anxious to see the courage Praise without calculation. Opponent was up and ready to use a sword that can destroy a tree like that. Puji life is threatened. Immediately, hands Suro Bodong threw a stone and right on foot stomping an opponent who will wear it to the ground.
Opponents cried out in pain, his mind distracted center. He did not use a sword so dangerous.
But he still managed to avoid a sword thrust Puji Wardani by slamming his right hand toward his waist Puji to crouched down by the body.
“Haaagh …!”
Puji moaning in pain as her body swayed to the left and fell like a banana thrown.
“Pujiii …!” Cried her mother, who was about to close, but his father held a hurry.
Suro Bodong been successfully established. Shortness of breath is still, but he tried to attack him. Only, the opponent had to rush to jump, somersault backwards and hovering over the wall boundary Dalem Duchy. He disappeared behind the wall. Suro Bodong rushed after him to exclaim, “Fuck ….!! Do not run away …! We finish now also, cat ringworm …! Hiaaat …! “Suro Bodong managed to jump up on the wall that surrounds it Dalem Duchy, when he was about to jump down to pursue his opponent, the Duke Lohgawe exclaimed,
“Do not pursue him ….!”


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