Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 6

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Face being kicked backward to the rear, but at the same time, opponents to overthrow him back several times. With a knee jerk, opponents, managed to stand with legs stretched stout.
“It’s time you deal with me, son of a bitch!” Cried  Suro Bodong.
The people who initially fall asleep, get up and about to run to the bathroom Praise Wardani. But they stopped at the park, in front of the room, because they saw two Suro Bodong fight each other bitterly. Duke Lohgawe rushed into her room.

Having found out that Puji Wardani okay, then he immediately came out to watch the fight two Bodong Suro. The one wearing a red shirt, the one without a shirt. But the Duke and the others know, people who do not wear clothes that are original Suro Bodong.
This time he issued his sword in the red dress who are deprived of the right dish. He played left-handed sword. Oh, he’s a southpaw, is less adept at using his right hand. Suro Bodong could learn a few weaknesses. When the blade cuts down like lightning to the chest Suro Bodong, immediately Suro body arched backward. But after a few seconds, Suro Bodong right foot stomping up soon, on his opponent with a hard elbow. But, it seems to kick it useless. Keep attacking with ferocious opponent. Jump forward while moving the sword.

Head Bodong Suro Suro near the target if not immediately cocked his head to the left. Lowering his body to the left, Suro managed to kick the man’s waist
with the left foot. It makes the opponent’s side-kick bounced a few steps and tumble.
With the beat of the hand to the ground, the opponent can jump up, exceeding the height of Suro Bodong. At that time he threw his sword from his left hand to right hand. Suro Bodong prepare to strike with a single leap. But opponents had already dropped, and his sword held with both hands, raised to the side of the right ear with a little condescending posture. He shouted as he stomped his left foot to the ground three times.
“Heeaaat ….! Heeat …! Heaaat …! ”

Sliding a sword-shaped beam, as if from the tip of the sword. Sword-shaped beam through forward quickly, and hit the chest Suro Bodong. Suro to rush to jump like a lion pounced on lizards. Red sword-shaped rays that burn away from the target, on a tree and exploded instantly. The tree was destroyed, into little pieces like a splash of clay. Soldiers standing under a tree that collapsed instantly, his ears bleed. Perhaps because he had heard the sound of explosions at close range so as to solve the eardrum.

The sword is still directed to Suro Bodong in two hand-held position on the right side of the head. Opponents again stamped her foot three times while shouting like that. That is to beat up the floating body Bodong Suro was about to pounce, but Suro Bodong with nimble contort his body to the left, and rolled over in the air. Glowing red light similar to the shape of the opponent’s sword shot, miss the mark. Beam was bolted to the top, continue to arrest and the extent disappeared.


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