Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 5

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Suro Bodong off his red dress. And at that moment remembered Puji , that Suro has not had a red shirt again. It has been torn clothes torn and thrown away. Lately, Suro Bodong never wear again. But …. the man who attacked him with the breath to hunt in a state that wearing clothes is still good. There is not the slightest shred cuts or scars.

“Braaak …!”
Once the kick, the door opened. Suro Bodong stand with bothlegs stretched. The body without the clothes look great, strong muscular. His eyes glared at once when he saw a man who was trying to rape Puji Wardani. That makes surprise Suro is, the resemblance he had with him.
Suro Bodong saw himself as doing business Puji Wardani rape of.

Suro Bodong red face of the original. He immediately attacked the man like him with a lightning kick. Kick it right on the face of the opponent to bounce off the bed.
“You rotten bastard …!” Suro Bodong motion is immediately attacked his opponent’s back. At that time his opponent ready tost and up. Suro-foot shot deflected it with his right arm, while his left arm quickly jerking forward in his palm open position while the four fingers folded over the sides.

Suro Bodong the original, almost fell Puji Wardani, as he bounces when there is such a strong air that pushed him from stomping your opponent’s hand to the front. He immediately wen tup, but following a kick on his opponent’s chin tilted up to face backwards Suro.
“Aaaoow …” cried Suro said, to balance the body. He has not had time to return the head to an upright position, the next it struck a double blow to the chest and solar plexus hard.
“Huuugh …!” 

Suro Bodong doubled over in pain. His head was held firmly by Suro Bodong false, then it hit her head with a knee thrust to the top. Suro Bodong if not nimble, not least his nose would bleed and nasal bone is broken because of knee poke your opponent.

However, before the knee was poking his nose, hands Suro rush hold your knees with the power of both hands. Then, head bowed forward it immediately poked her so that his opponent moaning in pain, his breathing faltered once. Suro Bodong waved his legs in a spinning kick. Flick was deflected by the opponent’s legs, but Suro Bodong hastily dropped to the floor because he knew there would come from the opponent’s attack to the top. So, when your opponent is also a moment to kick spinning kicks, he got an empty goal.

At that time, Suro Bodong a supine on the floor immediately kicked the opponent with a hard penis, to the extent that opponents brought up, and so down, left foot Suro greeted him with a kick in the same direction. Body fat with the same opponent Suro glided, past the Suro and his head struck the door of the room.
“Braaak …!”
Broken door at all. Suro was kicked out of time, had been broken, but there are still remaining attached with a hinge door. But now, the door was off its hinges with a result of being hit head fake Bodong Suro. The man fell out of the room. Suro Bodong the original immediately after it. He kicked the man’s face when the person is about to get up.


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