The Prettiest Spots -Two

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It is From Batote branches off the road to Bhadarwah and Kishtwar. Tatri –on- Chernab is the point from where one goes to Bhadarwah, which is situated in terraced valley at the end of which is the Padri Pass. Here is Jai, one of the most beautiful places in the entire state.

From Tatri one proceeds to Kishtwar by a motor able road that runs along the Chenab. Kishtwar’s scenic charms are matchless in many respects. A grassy maidan of nearly 65 acres serenely nestles amidst rocky, steep mountains, and down below on one side is the Chenab rushing in all its fury.

Next to Pampur in the valley, Kishtwar is the only place in the state where saffron is grown. From here one can proceed to the valley via the Sinthan pass.   Kashmir is met with on this route, as there are very lofty peaks seen rising from the deep gorges of the Ward wan and Chenab.

A few years ago Ladakh was one of the most inaccessible and forbidding regions in the world. Now it has been opened to tourist and is attracting visitors with its strange beauty and charm.

`The sight of the snows’, goes an old Hindu saying, `wipes out the sins of the world.’ Ladakh makes you understand it s meaning. As you cross the 3,473 meter-high Zoji-la pass, you begin to feel different. 

The Old World Island

Less than 40 sq km of more or less Barren Island –that is Diu, linked to the mainland by a road across a swamp and narrow channel. Five small villages, a few churches vaguely baroque, a couple of temples and a quiet beautiful beach are there. There are two forts that brood emptily over the seas and the island, and hark back to the days when the Portuguese took them over from the sultans of Gujarat.

Still, to those who feel drawn to cut-of the-way places, Diu is reason enough to board first a plane to Bhavnagar and then a bus for the remaining 194 km to Una which, 8 km from Diu proper, is the little town’ link to all the important roads in the region.

Alternative, flying further west to Keshod if the weather permits, is a good idea. From Keshod to Veraval is about 45 m and a direct bus service connects Veraval to Diu via Una. If it is between mind-October and mid –June, one can also wedge in an India’s few remaining lions.

By rail, the journey to Diu would mean an overnight run to Ahmadabad from Bombay. A meter-gauge train takes you to Delwada via Veraval. Delwada, the nearest railhead, is 4 km from Diu. Private buses and taxis are available in the district.  


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