How To Tips For Getting Your Child To Stop Smoking

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Tips For Getting Your Child To Stop Smoking

Knowing when to say “no” is one of the smartest things someone can decide in their brain, when they know the action they’re going to commit is of no benefit to them. So if you want to say “no” to smoking then read through this article to learn how to do that.

Learn and use positive mantras. Tell yourself that you’re strong and powerful and that you can quit. Let yourself know that you believe in yourself and that you know you will be successful. When you make positive mantras such as these, a part of your life, success will follow. This is as true for quitting smoking as it is for every other aspect of your life.

Don’t use weight gain as an excuse to continue smoking. While it is true that some individuals gain weight when they quit, it doesn’t mean that you will. Make healthy eating choices when you’re feeling hungry because you aren’t smoking and the weight won’t pile on. Even if you do gain a few pounds, remember that it is much healthier than continuing to smoke.

If you are trying to quit smoking, it is vital that you have a goal in mind. You will only be successful if you have proper motivation to quit. There will be times when it is very difficult to resist the temptation to smoke. Remembering the reason you wanted to quit in the first place can carry you through those tough times.

Make a note of why you are quitting. Sometimes it’s a good idea to write down exactly why you want to stop smoking. If you list the benefits, such as doing it for your family, health reasons, or money issues, it will make it easier to quit. Simply read the list every day to get encouragement.

Look online for a quit smoking calculator. These calculators are a great motivating tool in quitting. They can tell you just how long it has been since your last cigarette and exactly how many smokes you haven’t had since your quit date. You can also see how much money you have saved since your quit date.

Plan a regular exercise routine. Exercising will give you a healthy and positive focus for your life. It can also replace cigarettes in your mind. As you gain physical fitness, you will be less likely to want to smoke again. Try to exercise at least five times each week for best results.

Think of the health implications of quitting smoking. Once you stop, your blood pressure levels are reduced within 20 minutes. After 24 hours, the carbon monoxide levels in your body revert to normal. After about a month, the chance of having a heart attack or stroke decreases, and your lungs will start to function at a better level. All of this is the perfect reason to quit.

Now you can say “no”, that is if you truly want to quit smoking. The advice from this article has helped you learn to say no, not to anyone in particular but to your brain and to a substance that only causes you harm, smoke, so say no the next time you get the urge to smoke.


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