How To Use Timeless Tips To Help You Stop Smoking Forever

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Timeless Tips To Help You Stop Smoking Forever

Many people have tried, and failed, to quit smoking, so there may be times when it seems as if doing so is impossible. Fortunately, this is not true. There are effective techniques that any smoker can use to give themselves a fighting chance to kick the habit for good. The following article will teach you some of these.

Find a new hobby or rediscover an old one. Hobbies are an excellent way to spend your extra time and energy. By engaging in a hobby that you enjoy, you will occupy your mind and body with something positive and reduce the time you have to think about wanting a cigarette.

Consider all the health benefits to keep you motivated when you are trying to stop smoking. Your blood pressure and pulse will be lower. You will reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood, bringing it back to normal levels. Your chances of heart attack, lung cancer, and emphysema will go down, too.

Cigarette cravings are unpleasant, but you can push yourself out of one with enough willpower. Next time you crave a cigarette, try this tip: Focus on your favorite place, right down to the very last detail. This can be anything, so really use your imagination. By the time you have finished painting this portrait in your mind, you will have pushed past your craving.

Always keep in mind that there is only one outcome from taking another puff of a cigarette. That outcome is smoking again at the level that you were at, until the habit cripples you and you are in the hospital dying. This is a scary truth that will help you stay on track.

Stay away from alcohol or other things that trigger an urge to smoke. Alcohol and coffee are a known trigger for smoking, so stay away from them if possible. Also, smokers tend to light up after eating, so find something else to do, such as washing the dishes or cleaning your teeth.

If you smoke in your car, give it a good once-over when you quit smoking. Empty and clean the ashtray, vacuum the upholstery, add a new air-freshener, and commit to never smoke in your vehicle again. You will appreciate how much easier it is to keep your car clean when you don’t smoke.

To aid in smoking cessation, remove yourself from your circle of friends who smoke. Don’t worry; this is just a temporary measure, but you really do need to do this. Constant exposure to cigarette smoke, plus the social aspect of smoking together, will automatically squash your hopes for success.

Celebrate your anniversary of quitting smoking. Once you make it a month from whatever your final quit date was, start looking forward to the next one. Plan to do something special and nice. By looking forward to something positive, you can go through your first year of tobacco freedom with some anticipation and expectation, which will take your mind off the loss and grieving.

By now you should realize that it is entirely possible to quit smoking for good, and it does not necessarily have to be terribly difficult. If you just make use of the proven techniques you have learned from this article, you can quit smoking. Make your cigarette addiction a thing of the past with these tips.


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