Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 4

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Suro Bodong time would go into her room, the room was not guarded by bodyguards again. But in front of the room, had stood a plump-bodied woman with a sensual shape of the lips. Puji Wardani. She was standing at the Suro Bodong front door. It was really surprising Bodong Suro. He was forced to stop, but still show indifference-indifference needed.
“What are you doing here?” Said Suro deliberately snapped.
“I want to talk to you,” Puji Wardani said quietly.
“What …?” Suro acting deaf.
“I want to talk to you.”
“Oh, yes …? I do not want …! “Suro showed a cavalier attitude .Deliberately, to provoke anger as well as tempting Puji. Puji appears to regret her attitude over the years.

Suro Bodong directly into the room, like no matter what the Puji Wardani. Without knowledge Suro, a beautiful woman was also hurried to his room and stood before the mirror, watching from behind a mirrored dressing Suro. Suro did not know. He just sat in front of the mirror with a laugh yourself.
“Feel my revenge, Puji…! Feel! My heart feels pain when presented with a cynical attitude and snapped like that …? Sick is not it? “
Suro Bodong actually said to herself in the mirror. But because of Puji Wardani could see through into the room through the mirror in her room Suro, the flavor-it he was talking to Suro, face to face.
Flavor-it’s on purpose to invite Puji Wardani, Suro talk, though not hearing his voice, but the praise of lip movement could understand what was being said Suro.
Praise the heart can not stand to receive these words. She had reddened eyes, and looked sad. He survived to not cry. He was ashamed of myself, just because people like Suro he should cry. He does not want to!
Do not want!

Puji Wardani had also caught the conversation through lip Suro. She looked up and clarify the vision, she asked himself, what will be done Suro with his injuries were.

Suro healing strange and disgusting. He spit into his palm seven times, and both hands were rubbing each other, then each placed on the wound. Every time he closed his eyes and holding a deep breath. A moment later he took off the palm of the hand attached to the wound, and the results make Puji Wardani eyed stare.
Each is attached by hand wound, has always gone without a trace of either, except for residual dried blood.
Similarly, the wound in the shoulder, head injuries caused by baton stick the other day an old man, bruises on the corner of his eye, all is lost as never was wounded there. Puji Wardani endlessly amazed and chuckle with which he murmured softly.
“Great once he was …” Puji Wardani said in a low voice alone. Last night he sat on the edge of the bed watching the Suro Bodong heal wounds, and learn some tricks movement Angel in the Morning.

Without realizing it, Puji Wardani asleep in bed in a state turned towards the mirror. When she awoke at dawn the end, she felt a hand creeping across his chest. She was very surprised, because when it opened her eyes, she was immediately confronted by a man belted red head.
“Huh …?” Puji Wardani squealed. She saw her almost naked again. And a stout man, with a red headband, red long-sleeved shirt that was buttoned, blue pants also tied a yellow waist, was standing with a teasing smile.
“Suro …?” Puji Wardani tense whisper, closing the chest with a thick blanket. “What are you doing, huh? How dare you come here, Suro? I’ll call Romo(father) could be sentenced again you! “
“I just want to be with you repel cold morning,” said Suro Bodong.
“Oh, no! I … I …. later if anyone knows, we could both be punished. Do not Suro …. “
“Everyone was fast asleep, also the guards! We can sail for a while to drive out the chill of the morning … “
Suro Bodong grabbed a blanket that held Puji Wardani. But the blanket was still held tightly by Puji.
“No ….! I do not want, Suro …. Oh, do not …! ”


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