How to Stay Beautiful While on a Plane

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Low humidity on board, can make your skin drier. In addition, the long silence on the plane with limited space can also make the body less fresh.

But do not let your appearance is damaged when it arrives at its destination. 7 This beauty supplies store in order to always look attractive and fresh.

The air inside the plane is a potential to make the skin dry. Always prepared to face and body moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Use a moisturizer that has a lasting effect and contains a minimum SPF 15. Although located in the plane, you also still need protection against the sun coming through the window. Do not forget to apply the easy part as dry hands, heels, and soles of the feet.

Lip balm
Rounding out a moisturizer, lip is one part of the body that is easy to lose moisture. Always carry lip gloss or lip balm to prevent chapped lips. Use a lip balm every lip started to feel dry and drink lots of water to help prevent dryness.

Eye drops
Dry eye is one of the problems that women complain about when it was too long on the plane. Especially in long-distance travel, you often fall asleep repeatedly. To keep the eyes moist and fresh, do not forget to bring eye drops. In addition to helping fight the dryness of the eye, eye drops can also prevent the eyes look red when dropped from aircraft.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Preparation for arriving at the destination, you’ll want to look fresh. Food and beverages consumed during the flight may be left in the mouth, causing less fresh breath. Refresh and clean the mouth by brushing your teeth. Choose a toothpaste containing mint to make a fresh breath.

One of the steps that must be done before arriving at the destination is a clean face. In addition to refresh the skin, cleansing can help remove germs and dirt during the flight. Use a cleanser that contains a moisturizer to maintain skin elasticity.

Basic Make-up Supplies
Foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick and natural colorless must fill out your cosmetic bag. After washing the face with a clean, apply foundation and blush to make the skin look fresher. Colored mascara and lipstick brush gently to complete the look. Do this an hour before arriving at the destination.

Perfume or cologne to be the final touch before it got off the plane. Lightly spray wewangan fresh scented flowers or fruit to make you more excited. After that, you are ready to meet him who comes to pick up or go directly to a client meeting after arriving at the destination.


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