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Do not let your breakup with ex-lover result of protracted grief too prolonged stress. You have to get up and go back to live. These tricks.

The first time you have to do is accept the decision already made. When deciding to split up, you and your ex-lover would have gone through many phases and has a variety of considerations. For that please accept this situation.

Keep your distance
It is not intended to break ties. But after the break, and you should keep your distance lover first. Your emotional state and he has not been stable. Do not let the meetings do not need to actually make your ex and make decisions that will regret later.

Stop blaming
Emotional state will continue uninterrupted if you are constantly discussing the former error or fault of your own. No longer fixated on the past. If there are mistakes you did in a past relationship, do not blame myself anymore. Improve yourself to run a successful relationship in the future.

Enjoy the solitude
Do not rush to start a new relationship. Do not ever start a relationship for that reason alone. Try to enjoy your solitude in advance. This is when you are enjoying time with friends of the family as well. In a hurry to have a new relationship actually increase your risk of repeating the same mistakes.

Do not revenge
Revenge is one sign that you are not willing to let go of the former. After all, the purpose of revenge will only hurt yourself. Trying to make the ex jealous and so will only make your grief more protracted.

Running a hobby
If you run out to the previous time alone with the couple alone, it’s time to do things that you like without thinking about her feelings. You can go cycling, diving, or just spend time in shopping centers to relieve stress.

Be grateful
It may sound strange, but rest assured that the separation may be the best way for you and your ex for now. As written on the first point, the decision split decision is not in a hurry, but has been thought out carefully. Maybe this separation is the way to get someone better.

However, the separation should not be a reason to withdraw from social life. Separation is also not a reason to “sell” yourself to anyone you find interesting. Believe me, everything happens for a reason.

If you feel this parting very painful, I assure you, time will heal your feelings. Hopefully happy!


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