Frustration of Being Jobless.

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Think about the days you have been in kindergarden, school and college. You will be feeling that were the best days of life, as they were tension free-no depression, no worries about future. But the day after we graduate or finish our student life, we enter into a certain phase of life, which is called the unemployed phase or yet to get a job, whatever we want to name it. This is obvious that after student life, we become very overconfident about ourselves and search for a job with strong mentality. But besides the people who succeed in their endeavor, there are more than that who fail to achieve their goal. They experience the frustration of being jobless.

I am not talking about the people who become established right after graduation or post graduation. But I am talking about the people who search and search for a job, but only failure comes to their hand, and remain without a job. It is some kind of depression or grief, which develops in the mind, when these types of conditions occur.  I have seen such type of frustrated people do things which should never be done. This is what the mental toll takes on, above the normal self. Suicides, crimes, theft or beating up others in mere frustration are normal in such circumstances of being jobless.

Let me describe a person who is my friend, and still while I am writing this, he is very much depressed, and will go on like this way till he gets on being a person with a good job. He read with me in the same engineering college. He was very much cheerful and in my entire college life, I never saw him sad or tensed. Even in the viva or seminar, he was cheerful while we were dying with tension. Then we all passed our exams and then became engineers. I got a job, and so did others. But unfortunately he did not succeed in his several attempts to get in a job. After the last day in college, that is our farewell I have never seen him as before, with that smiling face. It seems to have disappeared from his face forever. He tends to be alone, though I and others appreciate and try to motivate him. Its something of a job depression maniac which will take him time to come out of.

So, the fact is what is happening to my friend is happening to many graduates in the world. Our parents and we know how much effort we gave in our efforts to pass the exams. And 16-20 years we studied to gain this stage. But the competition is so adverse, that people are being forced to take on jobs that are much lower than their class. But despite of these things, trying more and more never disappoints. It always gives the said result. It always gives you happiness at the end. Just stroll through your next door and you will get to know that success comes after repeated failures. SO, being jobless is not an offence, but not trying to achieve that is really one.


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