Sharing Our Things

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In our life time we have some favorite things and always like to have the thing with us. In fact we are very much attached with that thing and never wish to share it with any one. Mostly this kind of things are given by our best friends or beloved persons, so we have lot of attachment with that thing and don’t want to share it to anyone. Having attachment with this kind of material thing is quite common to every one and most of us having this kind of favorite things.

Some people are feels sentiments with some things and don’t share this kind of sentimental things with others. One of my friend is very much attached with his pen and don’t give it to other person even for placing a sign. His pen was presented by his wife and he is very much attached with it and don’t shared it with other persons. Not only him some of us also have this kind of sentimental things in our life and giving a lot of importance to them.

Some persons are interested in collecting things and very much attached with their collections. They don’t share their collection with others and always keep it for them. There is nothing wrong in this activity, but our collection will get more value if we shared it with some other people whoever wants it. I am interested in sharing my collection and get more enjoyment and satisfaction with sharing my collection with others.

In my childhood days i collected a lot of coins. In fact my coin collection is my favorite for a long time and i am very much attached with that collection. Few months before my niece wanted a coin collection for her school project and i gifted my coins to her. She is very much surprised with my gift and used it for her project and get good grade in her assignment. I saw the real enjoyment in her face and get a lot of satisfaction with my activity.

If you have this kind of collections with you, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or the person whoever wants it. This kind of activity will give more happiness to the person whoever requires the collection as well as your collection will get its real value while sharing it with others. Don’t be very sentimental. Always share your material things with other persons and get enjoyment with it.


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