Pornography Cause Bad Impact For Teenager Health

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Bad impact of pornography on the internet it seems the more alarming, particularly among children and teenagers. According to the results of an in-depth review of research conducted in Scotland, access to internet pornography among ABG has sparked a trend of loss of virginity and chastity in an increasingly young age.

Research is also published in the journal Behaviour CyberPyschology and it says, men adolescents aged 12 to 17 years who regularly view porn sites tend to have sex at an early age. Worse yet, they also tend to dare to try oral sex and imitating what they see on the internet Yeng.

The experts in Scotland warned that the increasing trend of teenagers will have access to pornography on a variety of sexual problems, including rising cases of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The experts also ask parents to be more alert to what is seen or accessible to their children.

Shane Krauss, a psychologist from Castleton State College in Vermont, conducted a survey of hundreds of participants. The survey revealed that men who access pornography at the age of 12-17 years were more sexually active than those who do not access porn sites. Meanwhile, women are accessing pornography at the same age range, although the percentage is smaller than men, also became sexually active at a slightly younger age.

¨ Internet has a similar accelerating effect, influence, and change behavior. Men perform oral sex and more easily lost virginity at a younger age when exposed to pornography. Sometimes the best three or four years of performing oral sex to two years for their virginity, ¨ said Krauss told the Sunday Herald newspaper.

Catherine Harper, representatives of Women Against Pornography Scottish institutions, states, infectious diseases such as Chlamyidia be easily spread by sexual behavior of men who forced the partners to imitate the motion was adopted from a porn site. ¨ The Internet is where you get things that are very extreme, sometimes can be viewed live and real. As a result, lead to violent actions, ¨ he said.

Increasing average oral sex berkitan with increasing cases of cancer of the tongue, mouth and throat caused by human papilloma virus infection. In the next 30 years the disease tends to be experienced by men.


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