Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 20

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In battle, the scarf if exposed to sunlight reflecting a variety of strange light. Which could affect the concentration of the opponent. But more than that, this scarf can also be passed with its own course. When drawn before, Kawung Ketip can expect to master your opponent, it was just a scarf that can be achieved. Moreover, the body Jagaddhita keeps crashing toward him. Kawung Ketip parry with the wrist. One criticism is enough to make a smooth wrist tingling Kawung ketip, and Jagaddhita take back her shawl. Once again the four scarves fluttering in the air before closing the face Kawung Ketip. Kawung Ketip to keep up with the swing chain to the waist. If the blade of the mark, with one hitch. Jagaddhita stuffed toy would be a slam destroyed.
Jagaddhita secretly praised agility opponents. In the face of the attack, Kawung Ketip was not trying to survive completely. Instead stick with the offensive.

While both are still involved in the game, Gendhuk Tri so no one watching. This little girl was still stunned to react, when it came to him and direct Pu’un arm. Rudimentary feet touched the earth,had come Kawung Benggol swept. Kawung Benggol in the first breakthrough hit Senopati Suro manipulated, so that his handsgot another senopati cudgel blows. So now to attack with foot.
Pu’un not escape. Actually pick up the foot to foot. Two hard bones collide. Then followed with the next two-three-kick. Pu’un kept surging forward. When Kawung Benggol urgency, Pu’un not continue the attack, but fled in another direction. For only one purpose Pu’un. Get information about the guests of the Opposite.He was not involved with the problem of what any rebellion. It is also not going to kill your opponent. Gendhuk Tri origin can obtain more than enough.
Pu’un not just when he thought he was jumping into a trap. Because Kawung Sen already cast nets.
“Oho, where you want to, the forest people?”
The mesh is made ​​of a resilient woven silk. Then it hit netting, Pu’un could not move. He is really like a large bird caught. Can not move anything.

Kawung Sen kicking the ass laughing.
“She was my part. Not share.”
Pu’un can not do anything right.
“Look. I’m going to piss you. Let you take a shower here.”
If this really happened, somewhere else would be looking at the world Pu’un.
As a dependable warrior of origin, as a knight, which could
bathed in the open like this with urine?
Died in battle, not about. Lost the game, still acceptable. However, humiliated like this, it is very embarrassing. Pu’un thought to bite his tongue broke. Better to die before being insulted. If possible, he would knock his own head. But arrested in the net, move the finger too hard. And Kawung Sen really opened the cloth.
But nevertheless. Because she heard a loud rustle towards a very sensitive body parts. His hands move toward capturing rustling and quickly restore to the direction of the sound source. Upasara catch with his teeth.
The cast had been a shirt button, which is released from surjan (long shirt to cover the buttocks) imposed.

“Good if you also want a bath.” Kawung Sen exert power and launched a punch. Upasara small clearing. He was not at all afraid to face Kawung Sen, who had just proved its power to reverse the power of a horse. Blow came greeted with two hands trying to pin. Kawung Sen replace with a sweep of the foot movement, but once it Upasara not shifted his feet. Two hands are stretched out straight turned toward the head pin.
“Desperate well as little children,” cried Kawung Sen
“All this still needs its own bathroom.”


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