Is Christianity a Dying Faith?

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Is Christianity a dying faith? When I was younger, I never heard of anyone who did not have faith in God. Everyone pretty much went to church and those that didn’t still believed in living by the word. Morals was big, but where are they now? In the atheist world? The wicca world? It is a shame at the people who don’t have faith, and the new churches that don’t teach as the bible says, they change the words to make things ok to do.

The bible says in Revelation the end of days that there will be more who don’t believe than those that do. I read an article today about the top ten countries that don’t believe and was shocked at the percentages some countries were like 68% that is more than half, and one of the countries was Isreal now that is depressing.It just shows that the bible predictions are all at work. God said he would release Satan to do what he does when the time came, and I feel Satan and his little dark angels are at work on the souls of people all over the world.

Our country is or has lost it’s morals, they have taken prayer out of schools, we now have a president who really isn’t christian. What is that all about? Our country was founded on christianity. When this country was founded the laws were based on the christian laws. Where are they now?

Seems Satan is leading our country and world and the people who tread here straight to hell.

Look at our economic system, our unemployment rate, I don’t know about where you live, but the county I live in I would say 75% of people are out of work or only able to couple of days a week this has been going on for several years with no sign of employment picking up. Of course I live in a rural area where most everyone works in construction. It’s real scary here.

Life without God and faith in him running our government offices, are running our country in the ground. It doesn’t look good for the American people.

In the begining when our country lived on the faith of  God, our country was a GREAT nation,because God said he would provide, now that faith in him is dying so are we. Is our country as strong as it was? Is our dollar worth what it use to be?  How about drug usage? Divorce rate? Abortion? Unwanted pregnancy? I could just keep naming off things, think about 100 years ago to now . Where has our morals went? Where have you placed God? We all need to regain our faith in God. Pray for our country,Pray for the people in it. Bring the christianity faith back before it dwindles away like a lot of the small churches and our economic situtation.

I myself cannot imagine life without God, how awful life must be without him, no inner peace, no salvation.

Those of us who still live for God, must pray hard for those who don’t, and try to bring them to Christ.


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