Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 19

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“Farts must infiltrate here. If there is a little suspicious, I’ll kill you all.” Ugrawe looked around. The soldier shook his major so. Their faces were pale. In a matter like this, Ugrawe was always quick to act immediately. Are now going to explain why.

Meanwhile Pembarep began to plunge into the battle arena. One look at moving to protect Wilanda Upasara, Pembarep jumpedforward. He shut down the attack, as well as attacks towards Padmamuka and Gods of Death.
Anakmas (call for royal children) Upasara, let me be the parent here.”
Sembah bekti ( Worship respect), Uncle ….”
“Join with Jagaddhita. Old Uncle is still able to bring them back.”
Wuragil Panengah and also lined up together. All three became the main shield.
Wilanda carried by jaghana and Padmamuka carried by the god of Death.
Both are walking backwards, while the three wanderers Mount Semeru protection in the form of a circle.

Upasara leapt forward, avoiding help-Bangle Bracelet soldiers who continued to lunge forward. “Auntiii…..”

“Wulung .., ‘said Jagaddhita, who suddenly familiar with Upasara.”If you could go back to the palace, very well. Leave all this to your aunt ….”
The four ends of the scarf Jagaddhita move together toward the four corners, and four soldiers holding the opponent directly to his shrink. Again the move, holding his four again. From there the blood flows.

“Find another way, Wulung. Do not mind the others.” Kawung Ketip short scream as he lunged toward Jagaddhita and swinging chain. Once the chain whip roll, fold, and simultaneously jerking Jagaddhita two ends of the scarf. Because the scarf is wrapped around his body, could not help Jagaddhita forward. But even with that, the other two ends of the scarf cut into Kawung Ketip direction. Transformed into a kind of spear scarf, if a straight piercing. With your left hand trying to catch Kawung Ketip at a time the two ends of the scarf. And also interesting. Because the two hands are used together, could not resist Kawung Ketip following the attack and two hands.

Which necessarily leads to slightly above Jakun(the Adam’s apple). Kawung Ketip is the leader of the third Kawung. That he is most good, many are aware. That Jagaddhita trying kicked off with a dangerous moves, can also be tolerated. Against a rebel leaders said the Palace does not know mercy or forgiveness.

Seeing the attack was so desperate, Kawung Ketip put all power and attack with extraordinary. Jagaddhita body swung in the air. This is not taken into account by Kawung Ketip. Excess Jagaddhita just toying between hard power and the weak force. Movement can always be changed to whatever he wants. Weapons are also a colorful scarf is not just decoration.

In battle, the scarf if exposed to sunlight reflecting a variety of strange light. Which could affect the concentration of the opponent. But more than that, this scarf can also be passed with its own course. When drawn before, Kawung Ketip can expect to master your opponent, it was just a scarf that can be achieved. Moreover, the body Jagaddhita keeps crashing toward him. Kawung Ketip parry with the wrist. One criticism is enough to make a smooth wrist tingling Kawung Ketip, and Jagaddhita take back her shawl. Once again the four scarves fluttering in the air before closing the face Kawung dime. Kawung Ketip to keep up with the swing chain to the waist. If the blade of the mark, with one hitch. Jagaddhita stuffed toy would be a slam destroyed.

Jagaddhita secretly praised agility opponents. In the face of the attack, Kawung Ketip was not trying to survive completely. Instead stick with the offensive.


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