Samsung Galaxy Nexus White Deals-Ics Granting Uniqueness to This Handset

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus white or should we say the first and most popular smartphone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, however there is one more title awarded to this handset – it could be the last phone from Samsung or any other manufacturer with Google logo on the device. See, the Search mogul’s acquisition of the troubled mobile producer Motorola has been completed, which could pave the way for Google to enter the hardware business in line with the steps taken by Apple. However, they will need a great leadership and some innovative marketing strategies like Steve Jobs did created for the Cupertino-based company.

Anyway, the handset in our discussion is not from a not-known producer. The South Korean mobile manufacturer has taken the responsibility of introducing this world to the miracle called the Ice Cream Sandwich, and we are certain that this handset is fulfilling their mission. As of now, its high price has deterred many clients but for buyers in the premium segment the pricing of the widget has never been a major issue. Every Apple product has a premium price attached to it, still they get so many sales which explain the market situation – the creation of an unique and a premium product is certain to command success even if the price is a bit high.

The main attraction of this thingy is the operating system it runs on, and quite frankly the honeycomb was not that bad as it is not getting labeled by many. Android v4.0 has an innovative and fresh way to work with physical keys, and that is through eschewing the keys for a neat look.

The display is HD Super AMOLED, and fairly even after using the Retina display for quite a while now I have fallen for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  The movies look simply fabulous, especially those animated ones and all the apps appear vibrant with a pinch of 3D-like quality to them. The handset belongs to the Galaxy Series, and using the handset reveals the fact that the South Korean mobile phone producer needs to be taking a new approach otherwise the lineup will get staler with each passing moment.

Speaking of reforms needed, the plastic body still hurts our sentiments as for such a high price a metallic body is obvious. Samsung Galaxy Nexus white deals are made to eliminate the need for looking anywhere else for excellence in the technology universe.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus white deals are what we consider seriously expensive, however for the premium segment this issue is very trivial.


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