Tips to Wath Your Car Waterlessly And More Efficiently

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One of the things that people love so much about the waterless car was is how little time it actually takes them to wash their cars. People love not having to wait in line for hours for their cars to be washed and we can definitely understand that. The waterless car wash allows you to be able to give your car a complete and total wash in just 20 minutes. Not all people can achieve those results so quickly though so we thought that we would go into detail a bit as to how you can get things done more efficiently.

The biggest pointer that we can give people is to always have two microfiber towels available at all times. This will help to make you much more efficient as each one has a specific purpose and you won’t have to be flipping or folding your rags over all the time to keep using the clean section for a particular purpose. By having two, one of the rags you can use to clean the car and the other one can be used to wipe off the solution and leave behind that great looking shine.

Another thing that we like to do is to start from the bottom and work your way down. This will help because the majority of your energy will be spent reaching up and getting those hard to reach places which you should get out of the way from the very beginning. Also by doing the top first if any of the solution is to happen to drip down you can just deal with it later when you clean the lower section of your car.

The other thing that we tell people all the time and they don’t always believe us is – don’t work too hard. So many people think that the trick to really getting your car clean is to buff it really hard no matter what kind of cleaning solution you are using. With some other cleaners and the wrong towels this can actually damage the paint job on your car. Fortunately with the waterless car wash and a microfiber towel the only negative effect will be on your arm. To get the full shine that can be achieved from a waterless car wash product just rub it on normally and let the patented formula do all of the work for you!

There are a lot more techniques out there for cutting down on your waterless car wash time and we would love to hear about any techniques that some of you might have. 20 minutes or less is fully achievable and easy once you know what you are doing although in the beginning, most people start at around 30 minutes or so. When you think about it though, this is still a bit less time than most people end up spending at a regular car washed to get their car only half as clean anyways. Good luck and happy waterless cleaning!


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