Beautify Your Nails

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Its tiny and because of the small function makes some people forget to take care of him. Beautiful nails will add to the beauty of the finger. Decoration for nails and nail color that will enhance a wide range of nails. How do your nails look so neat and attractive?

Nail Care Tips

How to care for your nails to still look beautiful:
Keeping your nails strength and moisture

Nail each person may be different. Anyone have strong nails, but there is also the nails are brittle and easily broken. Will be increasingly brittle nails are often affected when the soap, detergent, or often in the room air conditioner. To overcome this problem, apply a moisturizer on your nails to become stronger nails.
Clean the nails

Naturally beautiful nails should be clean. To clean your nails, it can be done by soaking the nails in warm water mixed with lime juice. Soak your hands or feet for about 15 minutes. Air hangar can make the skin around the nail becomes soft and easy to clean, especially on the outskirts of the nails are often entered into the dirt.
Cut nails

Do not let your nails are too long in size. Long nails that seem too unkempt and untidy. Long nails also facilitate the entry of dirt and germs that might enter the body when we eat. But, do not also cut the nails too short can cause injury.

Choose a sharp nail scissors so as not to repeatedly cut. Do not pull the nail if it does not cut perfectly. Attractive nails and fingers can injure the injured facilitate entry of germs into it. Let the nail clippers to finish its work until the nail completely cut off.
Do not do work hard to nail

Rubbing a hard object or use a fingernail to open hard objects could damage other than using nail polish can also cause injury to the area around the nail. We recommend using other objects appropriate to the job, while doing this heavy work. Washing clothes, washing dishes or squeeze mop, and too often exposed to hot water may damage your nails because it is exposed in the conduct of the soap. If possible, wear gloves when doing this activity.
Stop self-destructive habits

Habit of scraping the nail with another nail or nail biting is a habit that can ruin the appearance of nails. Scrape the nail can cause injury to the fingertips so that ruin the appearance. While biting your nails can cause abdominal pain caused by germs that exist in the nail into the mouth.
Strengthen and beautify nails from the inside

One easy way to beautify and strengthen nails from within is to increase the drinking water. Water consumption helps to keep your nails are not dry. Meanwhile, to strengthen the nails can be done by eating foods that contain calcium or by drinking milk.
Use a nail color and eraser with a balanced

One way to beautify your nails is to use nail color. This is going to make your nails look beautiful and attractive. However, use of nail color or nail polish is too long to make nail color changed to yellow. Likewise if you are too often use the correction fluid or nail polish remover will remove nail color nail polish that makes nails shiny and dry.

To prevent this, you should not use nail polish at all times. Allow to rest for some time with no colored nail. When will remove nail color, use a cotton swab that has been soaked in nail polish remover is used, not by rubbing on a nail-polished, but simply wiped once or twice. The less brushing can prevent the dull color of the nails.


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