The Significance of Silence

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What is the most important ingredient which can give a boost to your creative potential? Brain-storming is needed, the right mental, physical and emotional state is helpful, but none of these can help you attain the optimum results without the most essential ingredient-SILENCE.

Mostly we forget ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Retreating into silence once in a while nourishes our body and soul and recharges our creative centre. Silence need not be a total “physical” or “environmental” one. It is the inner silence that really matters. Since silence is the innermost nature of the Universe according to spiritualists, a natural surrounding can greatly enhance it. A beautiful flower blooms in the silence of night. When we appreciate a lovely landscape, what touch us most are its grandeur and the miniature sounds that enhance its silence. The cool and pleasant landscape with the chirping of birds and the sweet sound of a waterfall gives you “quality silence” more than a sound-proof concrete room in the middle of a polluted, noisy city.

Simplicity can improve your silence to a great deal. Concentrating only on a single task at a time is the key. Artists, scientists and philosophers had achievements of their life-time after a period of profound inner silence. And writers of genius always know that the more silent you are, the more powerful your words will be.

Today’s life-style and media may not allow you to have much solitude and silence. Proliferation of electronic media and machines tend to kill our sweet moments. Even when you are away from the world in your bed room, the air-conditioner or ceiling fan noise drives you away from a settled mind.

Even if you have the optimum conditions for “physical silence”, an unhealthy body or mind can make your mind noisy. Calm down your inner space with regular exercise, moderate food habits, personal cleanliness and association with people, suited to your temperament.

Last, but not the least, our relationships should be harmonious. To have a peaceful and silent inner environment, at least our relationships with our near and dear should be well-managed. A person who is always in friction with his family members or his colleagues can rarely achieve a state of creative abundance.

Silence is associated with loneliness by most, but it is not so. The greatest of loneliness is separation from your real self, which creates great agony. Genuine silence opens up communication with your eternal inner child which helps your creative juices flow.

But ultimately, what is silence and what is creativity? According to all the greatest ones of yore, perfect silence is the ultimate creativity and perfect creativity is total silence, which can be attained only by an individual evolved to his greatest inner heights through constant practice.


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