My Anti-Depression Diet

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For anyone that suffers from clinical depression, you know how badly it impacts every aspact of your life.

You don’t enjoy things you used to like. You don’t want to go anywhere. You may not even want to get out of bed.

I have been there.

Depression runs in my family so I used to just figure it was something I just had to live with.

I tried anti-depressants, but I hated the side-effects.

No matter the kind I was on, I got really spacey. Some kinds were worse than others.

I had constipation.

I didn’t sleep as much as I needed.

So, I went off the anti-depressants and decided to work on my thinking.

That worked OK.

I would feel good and than not later not really so good.

I am really into eating for health and started reading a book about it.

I learned that some people are sensitive to sugar and caffeine. Too much and they get cranky or depressed.

So, I started to look at what I was eating and drinking.

Cutting way back on sugar and caffeine really made a difference.

It is more the sugar than the caffeine.

A lot of caffeine can make me cranky, but it really doesn’t seem to make my depressed and weepy.

When I have too much sugar, I get really sad.

I start feeling the depression creeping back in.

Since that time, I have learned more about the correlation between diet and mental health.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression.

Luckily 15 minutes in the sun every day will give most people the Vitamin D their body needs.

If you have gastrointestinal problems, it can cause depression. Vitamin D, B, probiotics, and omega-3 fats added to your diet may help your gut, which, in turn will improve your mental state.

Too many carbohydrates in the form of sugar and starches may be hard on your digestive system.

Many food additives can cause a shift toward depression and anxiety. There are so many preservatives, dyes, and flavorings so, there is no telling which ones may be affecting you.

For that, you may want to start weaning yourself off most processed foods. Or, at the very least, minimize the amount you eat.

I am not trying to steer anyone from taking precription drugs.

There are many people that do really well with them.

I am just relating what works for me.

Watching what I eat makes all the difference in the world for me.


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