Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 18

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Senopati Joyo  was surprised because his club apart from the right hand. But still managed to catch his left hand and swung back. Senopati Lebur also swung in the same way. Likewise Senopati Suro use two spears to swing his body. What about the jumper with the pole, his body burst into the shadow that flashed Ugrawe. Senopati Suro moving so fast, but Ugrawe move even faster. Two soldiers carrying a stretcher with his shoulder and can be taken once buzz, two bodies were thrown into the litter.

“Farts smell, get out. Welcomes the arrival unplug your life …”
Unfinished sentences, Senopati Suro has come. Two spears were thrown out loud from the air. The spear that had been used to borrow a power jump, now used to throw. Without looking back, Ugrawe move the hand to the back. Obtains two spears at once! Then tossed it back. Senopati Suro not surprisingly abysmal. When he heard Ugrawe respected figure, not even this good. Just a coincidence that two float rod senopati help of the possibility of severe injury. Two club hit two spears, once landed on the ground, Senopati Suro must break away from keroyokan the soldiers of Gelang-gelang. Although they are educated men, but the level of intelligence is still far below the senopati. It’s just as many and as battle crazy, take time to deal with.

And while it’s happening, Ugrawe already killed two other stretcher bearer.
Senopati Pangastuti short grunted. Senopati different from the others, did not spring forth Pangastuti or attacking his short sword. He lunged without haste.
And even, strangely, Ugrawe always looked away every time we face Pangastuti Senopati attack. Not directly face the tough opponents tough. Ugrawe sideways. By holding power, the two hands move together, stuck to the front, then suddenly reversedagain. Personnel sucks! Rocking stretcher as before raised, and at high speeds continue to rise to the top stretcher. Ugrawe cried loudly. An open hand holding. And like any liaison personnel, litter was suspended in space. One hand moves throws a punch. The sound of “brak” hard. Stretcher shattered. But the litter was empty!
Where Senamata Karmuka? What trickery is issued. Fourth senopati was trying to protect?

Ugrawe cried aloud. Again he jumped at the head of the soldier Gelang-Gelang. This time the target direction and not towards the enemy will invade but back into place. Ugrawe quick mind works: in a situation like this, definitely Senamata Karmuka first attack towards the center. He means a direct attack to the camp of King Young-Bangle Bracelet. This is one way to stop the fighting quickly. Because if the highest helm detained, what else could be done. Ugrawe then went straight to the main stretcher.The main line of warriors guard passed away.

In front of the stretcher, squat harness Ugrawe worship.
Stretcher curtain parted slightly.
“Why, Uncle Guru?”
Ugrawe worship for the second time.
“Lord dalem(I am), Senamata Karmuka to temporarily escape.
Please your majesty is not out of the litter. “
Stretcher curtain closed again.
Ugrawe deliver to worship. Stand up again. His eyes were watching around.
Towards the main guard. Suddenly Ugrawe hand moves. one of
guards like getting sucked into the future. His body could move forward without a master.
Ugrawe  jerking hard. It flew in the direction of the body and to jolt Ugrawe
Next, the body was slammed to the ground. Staring gaze, and her breathing has been broken. Ugrawe can kill without touching.
The other key guards cried out in surprise.


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