Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 17

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Ugrawe interesting than the nose with a loud voice. Then his hands moved, scooped up a small flag in the hands of one soldier. Scooped the way without leaving the place. Just rely on sucking. And the soldiers who held the flag as shocked, but knew what was held out of his hands.

Jagaddhita unnerved. Exhibits a remarkable power in. Perfect mastery. shock of the movement changed when this flag, followed by a gendering and trumpets, the motion forces change. If you had waited, now all ready. Arrows that surround the row has been directly put on the bow and arrow ready to shoot.

One movement of Ugrawe again, there was a mass keroyokan(attack by overwhelming)

Jagaddhita jumped back. Tri Gendhuk approaching, and once seated Gendhuk Tri movement in her arms. Two pairs of shawl is released.
Ready to protect themselves and attack.
“The task is more important in the palace. Back!”
Thunder to be heard shouting very loudly. The ends of the tree to be swayed by it. Remnants of the surviving birds on the end of the branch like a plucked. Much could fly, the other fraction falls to the ground.
It turns out to screams senopati fourth rule is still struggling with the third Kawung. Senopati Suro was the first jerking his blackhorse, and once again broke forward, seemed to want to hit straight ahead.
Long black horse whinnied, turned round, and the hind legs jerking violently.

Kawung Sen, the lowest intelligence than his brothers as hiscollege, but also the most malignant, rather than away. He put the horses to catch the horse kicks! Loud loud opponent! Senopati Suro hit hard by air as he jumped to the top. The blow of the more difficult to deflect the kick was deflected when the horse. But Kawung Sen pretty spry.

Once captured two legs of horses at once, the force deployed simultaneously with the energy and focus, and the horse’s body as it rotates at him!

Kawung Sen this great power. When he caught his tail, he could do that if smart enough, and pulled, so the horse so out of balance, can still be understood. But the main gear legs are straight and swung.
Senopati Suro managed retreat. Senopati followed by three others.
Together they protect the soldiers on stretchers. These four men lifted the stretcher.
When the cue was given by Ugrawe assault. At the same time, dozens of arrows flying sequence, the shouts of the soldiers, spears, swords, torches of fire, horses neighing sounds simultaneously. And with a very light touch, Ugrawe directly lead the battle itself. Who first invaded the stretcher.
Upasara leap forward toward Wilanda are still sitting on the ground. The fabric is released and played very hard for him and Wilanda umbrella.
His view is still time to see how Ugrawe stormed toward the stretcher.

If others use the science of the body relieve, Ugrawe do otherwise. He ran over the heads of the soldiers Gelang-Gelang. The trick jump from one head to another, it seems very good. Though the distance is not the same. The remarkable thing is that the soldiers themselves who seem to step on his head was not burdened with anything. Motion is not hindered by it.

The rest of the palace soldiers detain and swiftly Singasari imminent battle.
“Stand back away.” Senopati Suro ordered in a loud voice. He himself immediately advanced welcome. With two spears booty from side to side, he immediately cut into the front. Senopati Lebur once again slashing swing with his club side. Joyo Senopati the use of mace to smash the opposite direction. Two short sword in hand Senopati Pangastuti plunged toward the opponent’s body.

From the buzz that carried out simultaneously, many differences and the properties of the attack. Although the base is the same buzz, but the spear, mace, and a short sword is different in nature. Ugrawe teasing out the sound on the nose, with his bare hands to fend two mace that comes along. Then let the waist was stabbed by a spear Senopati Suro.

There was a loud noise, two mace released into the air! That science can be immune to refrain already widely known. But the science on display is incredible Ugrawe. Two swinging mace deflected by two formidable senopati empty handed. A spear that hit the waist to let it go. Only when the Senopati Pangastuti shorts tab, Ugrawe shy away, shifting his legs back and jump on the head of a soldier for a foothold, immediately rushed at the soldiers who carried off on stretchers.


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