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Salon industry in Asian sub continent is buzzing these days. Lot of young people are attracted towards Salons and Spa business. Luxury is the new word in Salons, they have become more than just the parlours for hair cut or makeup. Salon’s today are tech savvy , they provide time to relax and offer best personal care with international products and expertise. New salons are being funded by venture capitalist and investors . Businessman see salon and Spa industry as high margin business. If u are not convinced with this idea then let me give you a number; only organized Hair straightening business in India is of more than $ 2.50 Bn ( approx. 1200 Crore) alone.

Trends post 2010

Till today, salon and spa is mainly unorganized with hundreds of individual hair dressers owning them or run by individual beauticians in neighboring areas but in recent times, we have seen organized players like Unilever’s Lakme Salon, Kaya’s Skin clinics and many other home grown chains. We have seen a long list of dermatologists coming up with their skin treatment clinics and few big shots opening their Spa chains in metros. Non- serious individuals who entered in the industry to make quick money will have to take first flight home if they do not meet the standards and demands for young breed of executives who are ready to spend heavily for an hour of relaxation out of their busy & hectic schedule.
In India, these businesses have seen a new face, which is online appointment system for their customers. Today all premier salons like hair n shanti salon , Pure salon, Meghna , Simmi ghai’s Xpression , Lakme ( Frenchisee) , Blond n Bliss, Neu Salonz, Alps salon etc have partnered various online sites like bookmysalon for appointment booking.This site offers discounts on all regular services like hair cut , facial, pedicure, manicure also.

According to a recent Health and Beauty Industry report from a J.P. Morgan research analyst, while the broader salon industry contracted by 2% per year for the last three years, the organic salon segment grew by 16.7% per year.

The general public has been revitalized with an increased sense of personalresponsibility for their health and wellbeing. Salon professionals are beginning to learn more about the occupational dangers they face from their concerned clients that read about the latest salon-cancer-causers on the Internet. The unprecedented growth in the availability of information that the Internet combined with advanced research which has publicized conclusive evidence on the dangers of many of the carcinogenic toxins in beauty products (which were assumed safe for years), salon clients have been flocking to organic salons to seek more natural, organic, and healthier services which have also been providing them with superior results. Consumers are instantly impressed by the lack of foul and toxic chemical odors in the air of their local organic salon and the inviting aromas create an environment associated with health and wellness.


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