Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 16

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Suro Senopati loud growl. Crashing with his black horse, accompanied by loud shouts. Senopati Joyo, Lebur, and also Pangastuti simultaneously moving. Is an incredible insult to the king that can not be accepted by them.
That Senamata Karmuka fart or say more than that, it will not matter.
However, this title actually exist side. Senamata Karmuka admiral known as loyal to the king. Always near the king
King. Thus said to be a fart. But this is also interpreted by those who do not like to say the king is the king of dirt.
Relationship “with dirt fart”, is a very close relationship. It is understandable if Senopati Suro wrath.

This time, four tough senopati forward simultaneously. From the four quarters immediately locked. Kawung Benggol is already on alert, immediately pick up Senopati Suro. Not absurdly responsibility. Kawung Benggol jumped on horseback. One hand towards Menjitak(Slap, Cak) the head, a hand seized control of the horse. Although science does not include first class, Senopati Suro also not a new hero was born.
Moreover, united in the black horse that was part of his body, with a sudden it Senopati Suro belly pinch and pull hard horse reins. Black horse being rolled, suddenly stopped short. Both front legs lifted up. And Kawung bump that was on the need to deal with a horse kick. Twisting and side, Kawung bump turned his body movements. Both of the two hands strangling straight toward Senopati Suro. But senopati who have much experience dropping him to the side.

With a quick spin in the lower abdomen horse! Through the bottom! With the horse still pinch the abdomen, legs Senopati Suro becomes the pivot for turning. Very quickly have appeared again. And body Kawung Benggol that collided empty space can be hit from behind. Actually it is not necessary.
Because it has been swinging his club Senopati Lebur of the side ….. No mercy must fend Kawung Benggol jump with two empty hands.
On the other hand, Kawung dime angry shouting and swinging chains, while Kawung Sen who also hit the nets armed with nets spread. In a moment the battle is already underway exciting. If the first brunt, Senopati Suro arguably superior, four of them now have to focus entirely; That was not reached in the direction of Ugrawe.
“Good. If you choose your battles.”

“Wait,” cried a loud Jagaddhita. She immediately jumped to block a ready Ugrawe gestured for assault. Jagaddhita try block. One way is by pressing Ugrawe. Because he thinks that the opponentis much more advantageous position. While Ugrawe itself, is still a puzzle to anyone who could face a draw. Perhaps the only Senamata Karmuka could face. That was not necessarily to win. If it can, it takes a long battle with the possibility of both seriously injured. While the opposition consists of a lot of troops. Can bemade ​​one hundred perished, others still exist. While on his own,they ‘do not be an entity with the same purpose. While some people have been injured. The god of Death, Padmamuka, Wilanda can not do anything about it. Pu’un also not be expected.
Have not been calculated that the Gendhuk Tri could endanger himself.
“Will you join us?”
“Sure, if you can beat us is a knight.”
“Hehe, you think I’m so stupid? Here it was obvious I won the troops.
By relying on them alone, you’re all going to be arrested. Why should I care about manners? For what you have to defeat one by one? ”

“Cunning. You deliberately provoked us to come to this Nirada Education, and waiting for us to fight ….”
“Cunning is what? Majesty’s what? I want to restore the throne to the right. Why did not mention Ken Arok crafty? Why did not you say Ken Arok robber kings down in this land of Java?
“Only the little people who do not know anything sneaky or a noble question. Only those who do not know who can claim all sorts. I’ve been kind enough to forgive. But you chose the path of suicide. I respect your stance. Palace to be I built it later does not need a warrior-warrior like you.
“So, right now, who is here and not take the king to the King of Gelang-Gelang, I’ll destroy.”


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