Sakamichi no Apollon Have Announced The Its Seiyuu And Model Sheet

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About to start in April nostalgia Department of youth music in Fuji TV noitamin A programs broadcast animation Sakamichi no Apollon has announced the main characters in the character set and seiyuu lineup.

Hero of the West see smoked voice of Kimura good level for the men on the 2nd Sichuan navigate one thousand Taro voice of Hosoya Yoshimasa, one thousand Taro’s childhood welcome legal sub-dubbing of the South Lane Yoo Hong, sister school of deep Horiuchi Lily Hong dubbing of Endo Aya, for college students Katsuragi to Junichi voice is Suwabe Junichi. Regardless of popularity or strength is all no doubt. In addition to the seiyuu lineup of the main characters, the sponsor has also published part of the supporting role of the seiyuu. Appeared in the North Island Shin Ji Ying Mian, Okamoto Nobuhiko starred Songgang star child, Murase step appeared in pill tail heavy tiger Sato Asian-American dishes starred Mariko.

Sakamichi no Apollon is the comic of the same name Xiaoyu serialized by starting on the Monthly Flower” (Shogakukan). Borrowed culture by foreign influence in the latter half of the 1960s, Kyushu for the stage by a jazz depicts high school students “Friendship” and “love”. Once in the comic is really amazing! 2009 in the first group of women, on January 23 this year, has just won the Shogakukan comics reward general departmental award. The support of many male readers, but as a girl comic reputation is quite good.

Tells the story of childhood because of the relationship between his father’s work must not stop the transfer of smoke, by the the Yokosuka transfer to a countryside school in Nagasaki Prefecture. But in the transfer to the first day, go to the rooftop ventilation smoked where he encountered the same class of non-performing students, one thousand Taro. Since then, high school smoked unexpected direction changes. Influenced by the thousands of Taro, smoked jazz became interested in…

Following noitaminA “Nodame Cantabile” the second part of the music animation, enable the supervision of Shinichiro Watanabe, music, Yoko Kanno, the characters set Yuuki letter Hui gold lineup. In animation, we can enjoy a lot of jazz, believe can bring you new to enjoy different from the past.


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