Australian Selectors Show Guts:drop Ricky Pointing

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One man has been a symbol of Australian domination for the last decade and a half. He is Ricky Pointing a man who has done Australia proud in all forms of cricket including the shorter version of the game, limited over’s cricket. Pointing has been a permanent fixture in the Australian one day squad for long. He has almost 40 one day centuries to his name

After the last match against India which Australia won by 110 runs an announcement by the chairman of the Australian selection committee hit the world like a bomb. He announced that Ricky Pointing has been dropped from the Australian one day squad after a string of poor scores in the on gong one day series.

It was a bold decision as Ricky has not crossed double figures even once and seemed unable to break free from his poor batting form in one day cricket. Such decisions show why Australia is at the top of world cricket for the last 2 decades. Saurav Ganguly made a point and mentioned that there is only one team that is the best in the world and that is Australia because they take hard decisions when required.

Australia do not carry dead wood in the team. To wear the Australian cap you must perform . The watch word is performance and utility to the team. I wonder why India lags, perhaps one of the reasons is that we continue with dead wood, players  who are not performing. The selectors are scared  to drop a player with a big name. The result is defeat and more defeats.

It is about time that the board thought of India and Indian cricket. National prestige is involved and one must ask the selectors to use the knife. Dead wood cannot be allowed to carry on. A case in point is Sachin Tendulkar, he is a big factor in India’s defeats with a poor start in all the 4 matches so far. He averages just 17, not an advertisement of a place in an Indian Team.

In the mean time let us salute Ricky Pointing for a wonderful career that took Australia to the apex. The selectors have used the knife for the good of Australian cricket. India must learn from this.


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