Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 15

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But anyone’s name and title, it includes a well-respected figure because of his martial arts, named Sindhung Aliwawar alias Cyclone. According Ngabehi Pandu, as long as there are no figures that could offset the Sindhung Aliwawar. “Maybe, just to balance their Eyang Sepuh. But Eyang Sepuh, had long hidden himself in Cloud University, and did not intend to come down to the world again. So it is difficult to determine who is superior.”

What flashed in the shadow Upasara not much different from what is thought Jagaddhita. He also heard the name of science Sindhung Aliwawar, only from the narrative of Rama Guru.
“Compared with Rama Guru, who is more powerful science?”
“The science of anyone as good. But human foul can not be estimated. This your Rama Guru, had fought with him. But it’s long time a go. First it was difficult to determine the winner; Especially now.
He said his knowledge forward rapidly. Lord knows what God wants this world, so there are people like that were created in the world. “
Only now Jagaddhita see for themselves, the most arrogant figure was mentioned.
“I was raised myself, Small Soldiers Suro. Because who else could give me the title?
“Today you are all gathered here, so it is easy to complete.

Do not have to look far. Do you want to kneel down and ask forgiveness from the King of Gelang-Gelang, or choose to die?

“Aha, I see that you are spreading the news that there will be guests of Opposite, at the Universities of Cloud. Aha, cunning.” Jagaddhita exclaimed in surprise, and they are coming to realize that this makes the traps set Panji Wacanapati.

“Mind what sneaky, if you all eaten? To capture rats rotting also required little rotten bait. To bring a Wesya, did not need to use the bait of a pastor?” 

Jagaddhita issued a muffled voice. Scarves to vibrate. He would not presume Wesya or abused as a bitch, in the vast arena. Their whole life he has always prided itself as a concubine of King. It was the greatest honor that makes life meaningful. Which may now he considered a bitch like that?

“Hehehe, you’re mad I called the wesya? If not, who the little boy? 

Can you show me who the father? Hehehe, maybe you did not know anymore who the father. Even you would not dare admit that I’m the father of that child.”

Kawung Benggol jump to the next. He proceeded to attack directly if Jagaddhita.
“Why would I wait on words that are rotten?”
“If you can answer who the father of the boy, I’ll forgive you. Given the intimacy that ever gave me.”
“Oho, Mr. Ugrawe apparently still remember the incident Syiwaratri ago. What a sweet memory.”
Jagaddhita really stuck she could not answer a word. For those who know Ugrawe, may suspect that the mere playful words.
Although not entirely a lie. But Kawung Benggol like putting pressure there is an event that occurs in Syiwaratri romance. Syiwaratri, or the night of Shiva, is a full moon night, the fourteenth, which considered the holy night of Lord Shiva.
See Jagaddhita recurrence-moving but can not issue a sentence, Kawung Benggol louder laughter.
“Well, if you did not specify who the father of this child. But to still be in your womb, I was willing to admit. At least I can students become warriors in the future.”
Ugrawe mild snort.

Forget for a moment the affairs of the passions. Now when talking about the country. “Then go back up into the air.” I have invited you all to come here.
Except those in the litter, all that is here to gain forgiveness.
“If you all want to deliver to his knees and praying to the King of Gelang-Gelang which will soon reign in this land of Java, you can get the position.
“If you refuse, this land will be leveled.”
Pembarep shifted his feet.
“Big names that have been heard in the winds, not a mere empty name. Today, it’s a great honor to meet me. Either I must mention the title of which ….”
“Big Brother Mbarep. You’re too humble self. I know you’re the master of Mount Semeru. If you want to talk, say what you want. I’m willing to give forgiveness to all, except inside the stretcher. Fart one was no good.”


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