Younger Women Account For Majority of Breast Enlargements

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The decision to have plastic surgery is never one to be taken lightly, and consumers are strongly advised to thoroughly research and make an informed decision about their suitability for a particular procedure, to be clear about their expectations, and above all to choose their cosmetic surgery provider very carefully.

Breast augmentation (‘boob jobs’) continue to be the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK, with a 10 per cent increase in the past year, according to the latest figures published by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). Spire plastic surgery confirm the persistence of this trend, and reveal that in age terms, the greatest proportion of women undergoing breast augmentation with Spire are aged between 20 and 35 (based on figures since 2009).

In the US, the greatest numbers opting for breast enlargement surgery are women between the ages of 19 and 35 (according to figures issued by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

For many women the size of their breasts is profoundly linked to their level of body confidence and self esteem. And whether too small or too large, women are now conscious that they no longer have to accept the size of breasts that nature has given them.

Women are also more aware that boob jobs don’t have to conform to the unrealistic stereotype of the huge-breasted glamour model. It’s now common for women to undergo a breast augmentation to achieve more subtle effects.

It is likely that the number of breast enlargements performed during 2011 will continue to rise. According to BAAPS figures, breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK since 2005.

Many plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction involve major surgery and the administering of a general anaesthetic. When making the decision about where to have surgery, it’s important to take this all into consideration. Meeting the team and understanding more about how they work together is a very reassuring experience. Plastic surgery is changing. It’s no longer purely the preserve of the wealthy. Attitudes have changed too. The idea of undergoing a cosmetic procedure is becoming increasingly attractive, and all without the stigma perhaps associated with cosmetic surgery in the recent past.

In fact cosmetic surgery has reached the mainstream, from the appearance in our High Streets of clinics and spas offering non surgical solutions, to the growth in popularity of procedures such as breast augmentation and eyelid surgery.


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