Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 14

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Since the rebellion was the third Kawung disappeared from circulation. Who would have thought now came back with so many soldiers are ready for war?
“On behalf of the Raja Muda Gelang-Gelang, hope you guys all knelt to receive the word.”
Now Jagaddhita conscious. That the group that surrounded the troops were soldiers of Gelang-Gelang, led by Raja Muda Jayakatwang.
Jagaddhita been hearing rumors that the Raja Muda Gelang-Gelang is gathering a large force. However, during this obedience and loyalty to the Sultan Singasari was never doubted by the king himself.

Jagaddhita a little quiet in heart, but heightened vigilance. He pulled Gendhuk Tri still gobsmacked. Even then passed a scarf and wear it yourself.
“There is only one sun illuminates the earth. There is only one king is entitled to rule. Sorry, if the soldiers did not fulfill the role of Suro.”
“As long as there is forgiveness, use the opportunity. If it’s too late can not be repeated again.” There was a loud, shrill high. In line appeared a man, a bump on the back. His nose was also bent.
A pair of small eyes like a grain of rice. Her clothes were incredibly beautiful. Behind a soldier ready umbrella: His right hand raised to the top.
Third kawung it backwards. Then the hand movement was transformed into a short loop. At the same time, form a line of soldiers surrounding the line again. Sequences that had been clustered, are already lined up in a flash layer.

Around, then at the back lined up neatly stacking ten. Formed like a scorpion. Back row is a tail of a scorpion. That at any time, in accordance with the cue, would turn into reinforcements where needed.
It’s really a venomous tail.
“Do you want to try out the sting of a scorpion prior to its knees?”
“Snakes foul, the tactics of war was only to frighten small children. You stole it from the palace, to show off what you’re here?”
“Senopati Suro you’re still a common soldier who guarded the bedroom?
Unfortunately, too bad. Your intelligence will not be too prominent, but your loyalty, it’s ok. Just love. People like you that deserve to be Senamata. I offer it to you rank “
Senopati Suro laugh. Loud and harsh voice. Carried away by the turbulent upset.
“Snakes rotten, you think you are? Offered the rank of all kinds.
Do you think everybody can like you are, appointed himself and then show it off?”

Upasara now felt throughout the body back to normal. With a break for a while he could gather his strength. He felt ready. It’s just that now he did not feel like acting recklessly. Senamata counsel had at least managed to put the brakes on his desire to immediately rush to the field.
This is actually the most awaited by Upasara. During this time he only heard the figures that are now found directly. Of narrative Ngabehi Pandu, his teacher, this figure was mentioned as a combination of a powerful martial arts champion, cunning and sly, expert tactics of war, articulate, and powerful.
His real name can not be sure which one. He himself calls himself a Pujangga Pamungkas. This means that last poets, or poets who solve everything. By Senopati Suro was said to be a rotten snake. Giant snake that is rotten, the ancient language called Bujangga. This sobriquet for the poet. But he also called the Lembu (Ox) Ugrawe. Lembu, as people are still descendants of the king. Ugrawe, obviously is a name that is very excessive. Ugra means the peak, edge, powerful, scaryWe meant the Sun. So called peak sun for himself sounds very excessive. He also referred to himself as Panji Wacanapati, alias duke derivative of experts to speak.


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