Health Problems

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Health problems 

Blood pressure is a silent health problem. Some people have the problem of low blood pressure while the others have the high blood pressure.  It doesn’t matter that weather you have low or high blood pressure but the disease blood pressure is itself a very dangerous and death cause disease.  In all over the world there are 3 people out of 10 are sick of blood pressure health problem either low or high. Even the children are also attacked by the blood pressure disease. The blood pressure disease is such a silent killing health problem that the victim even doesn’t know that he\she is attacked by blood pressure disease.  It performs its functions in very slow motion that one can’t even feel any inefficiency or disorder, but after sometime you realize that blood pressure has damaged various function and created disorders in these functions.  Many people have the blood pressure disease but they don’t know even after many years because they don’t experience any symptoms of blood pressure.  You really want to know that what the blood pressure is? Blood pressure is actually the blood force that pushes the blood against the walls of heart arteries. Your heart beats and pressure out the blood in the arteries. When your hearts beats its mean that it is pumping the blood and your blood pressure grows highest. Blood pressure is also known as the hypertension.


There are basically two major forms of blood pressure disease. One is high blood pressure and the other one is low blood pressure. Both the problems are common health problems and are very dangerous and harmful for human health. Basic two measurements of blood pressures are diastolic and systolic. When your heart is beating rapidly and pumps the blood then it is called a high blood pressure or systolic pressure. And when your heart is in rest position and your blood pressures fall less then this situation is called low blood pressure or diastolic pressure.


The over weighting is the basic cause of blood pressure.  The lack of normal physical activities also causes the blood pressure disease, use of tobacco and alcohols, extra intake of sodium and potassium through your diet, stress and tensions, family heritable blood pressure disease and age.


Blood pressure is very harmful and death causing health problem. Blood pressure disease is the gateway to many other serious dangerous health problems. These harmful diseases are heart attack, migraine, stroke, kidney and liver failure, vision losses and many other health problems like these dangerous diseases. High blood pressure is really very serious and harmful disease. If one gets attacked by high blood pressure he or she may also get heart stroke or heart attack.  


Blood pressure is also known as the hypertension. There are not any specific symptoms of blood pressure weather it is low or high. If your blood pressure is below 120\80 mmHg then its mean your blood pressure is normal. If you have the blood pressure between 120-139 and its mean you have systolic pressure and if your blood pressure is going between 80-89 and its mean you have diastolic pressure. Dizziness and headache is the major symptoms of high blood pressure.


You must avoid extra use of high cholesterol diet such as oily cuisine, beef flesh, mutton meat. You must reduce your weight if your blood pressure is based on your over weight. If you are pregnant then you should take good care yourself if you have had any blood pressure in past. Either it was minor or major.   Because it may appears harmful for you as well as your unborn baby.

Supplements and remedies:

There are many medicines are available in the medical market to control the blood pressure diseases but the remedies and supplements are much effected and reliable. Before taking any supplement to control your blood pressure you must consult with your family doctor. If you will take wrong supplements it may cause more harmful diseases and even death. Here are some supplements that really work to control the blood pressure like Coenzyme Q10 shortly called as CoQ10, Garlic supplements are also very helpful in reducing high blood pressure problem, the herb hawthorn, fish oil, Asian ginseng and folic acid supplements are also very helpful. The Garlique remedy is often use for blood pressure relief.


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