Cancer Treatments, Do Alternatives Actually Work?

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It is not difficult to remove cancer with surgery and other treatments, the problem is to stop it from coming back and that’s when it becomes life threatening. The way to stop it returning is with knowledge of the reasons why it first grew. A person newly diagnosed with cancer needs a complete change with the way they live and changes are not easy for most of us as we are comfortable with the habits we have formed and the way we live. Making lifestyle changes is difficult but unfortunately there is no other way.

We have been brainwashed today by our modern healthcare system into believing only they hold the answers to the cancer problem. They don’t, and that’s why it’s fast becoming the leading cause of death in western societies. The only way to cure cancer so it won’t return is to address the reasons why it first grew. Instead what our medical system is doing is focusing on growths and a cancer growth is only a symptom and is not the problem.

We all turn to our doctors for help because we have blind faith in our medical system. The reasons being that most of us are educated by what we see on television or read in the newspapers. Television shows glorifies the medical profession so we all falsely believe they hold the answers to all our health problems. Also our modern healthcare system has no competition and that’s not good for the people who use it. Lack of competition leads to greed and with some of the latest chemotherapy drugs costing four thousand dollars a month that is obvious.

We don’t get cancer, we grow it and it grows because of the way we live. There is no such thing as a drug or a treatment that will fix a problem that’s been caused by bad diets, a lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle. Also just removing growths as is the case today is pointless if it’s only going to return again in a much more sinister state.

It is a known fact that cancer is a whole body problem where the tumour is merely a symptom. Studies have shown that there is no known tumour that could not be cured 40 years ago which can be cured today with conventional treatments. The entire purpose of an alternative treatment is to correct the root cause in the whole body. Once you deal with that, reversing cancer is a simple matter.

Cancer patients deserve to know the truth about the industry and the ineffectiveness of their toxic treatments. The choices to be made in treating cancer are not easy ones; because there is so little certainty of a cure in any of them. Yet, there is overwhelming evidence which says there are many alternative or natural cancer treatments which really do work.

Cancer need not be a death sentence but it does pose a formidable challenge because it means making changes, something we’re not very good at.


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