Managing a Family on a Limited Budget

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I will start by saying i am a proud father of two and a husband to a very good woman. I work as a simple office maanger making 30 thousand a year,my wife does not work and still my two kids go to a good school and we live in a very good neighborhood.

I have read all the so called experts and how they say to live in order to get by and i laugh everytime. Most poor families can put 50 percent of there income aside. So how do youdo it? The answer is much more simple than you would think. Staying strong, not being afraid of change and be willing to sacrafice.

First thing you have to do is decide what the most important thing to you is. For me it was living in a good neighborhood and in a school distrcit. Yours might be different but write it down, know its time to write down your budget. Why not do the budget first, well in my experience knowing how much money you have can cause people to thing their most important item is not the most important one. Just because you think you cant find a house with a pool in your budget doesnt make it the least important.

Once you have your budget do some research online (library good place for this) and find your most important thing again for me good neighborhood -school. If this alone is under what you make then its possible if not well then either dreaming to high or need to find a way to make additional money.

Time top cut, get rid of the habits that are wasting your money quit drinking smoking buying movies everytrip to the store.Shorten the cell bill you dont have to go crazy just figure out what you spend a month on each and cut down. If you get rid of completly get your most important thing then you will be fine.

Put family first but do something for yourself, giving up the little things help your money but create stree. Find a middle ground. It will be hard at first but before you know it youll be


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