Welcome TO The Reality!!!!

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The metal doors, the stained walls, the broken windows, the semi-leather berths, the rhythm in the moving wheels, the whistle…did I just remind you of your dream journey last winter? Or did I just remind you of the numerous Hollywood and Bollywood scenes shot at these wheels?

The camera is shut, the flash is gone, glamour is buried…and the real picture stares at us in the face


A little girl clothed looks at my purse with eyes that had never seen light. A young man who could have as well been ”Big B”, walks around  under the load of feed trays ,bumping here and there due to increasing speed. A little hand pushes itself through the window with a hope to find a day’s meal. I am surfing the net, after all, it is a ‘hi- tech’ world. The police just caught a young student who pushed his friend into the Brahmaputra because the poor fellow had secured better marks in the examination. It’s a mad world. A little child has been sitting near the toilet door holding a newspaper upside down since morning. You see, he does not go to school. Gosh! A bomb just blasted in the other compartment. The fire is spreading and in a few minutes everything will be over, including my new laptop. Oh my ‘God’! This ‘Man’ has lately lost importance in my life; obviously. ‘He’ is putting me to death so early. But this old lady is taking ‘His’ name ever since the bomb blasted because she wants to attend her only son’s marriage. Whatever!

Are they going to put my left over bits and parts in a box and send it to my family? Or will I be among those hundreds of unidentified bodies? At least, I will make some news and some money for those greedy brats-journalists. Is morgue a scary place?


The real picture is too harsh and I, like the millions of you prefer to avoid it. Actually I prefer to sit back and write this article straining at my pen like hell, when many do not know how to hold one. Some with you all, right?

Why should it matter to us if hundreds of lives   get crushed under those wheels? Why should it matter to us  if hundreds of lives get crushed under those wheels? Why should we care if the world is going up in smoke with that whistle?

But we do care about the next super-hit scene that will be shot on those wheels and guessing which cool actor will do it. Well it could be…


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