Yoga And Its Immense Benefits to The Mental And Physical Human Health.

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You should be thinking, why yoga, if I have advanced medicine and science with me. Well here is the answer. Yoga has been a powerful exercise of the mind and the soul, as the Sanskrit meaning of the word reveals the name, “Union”. It is used for diminishing stress and induces peace of mind and relaxation to the body as well as to the physical human structure. It uses posture or asana, and breathing techniques to make the body more powerful and immune to the outer environment.

Different types of yoga have been found out since the medieval times in India and have been reported to cure diseases that are normally unanswerable by the medical science. Certain yoga poses or categories include the Hatha yoga, power yoga and the Bikram yoga. The benefits of yoga are immense, helping the whole body and mind, and overall bringing back optimistic and positive attitude in a person.

Huge benefits of yoga are there. Some of them are as follows:

• Yoga helps in strengthening the body muscles, tendons and nerves, as it keeps the body in right posture while performing intense yogas. The muscular system gets a more improvement in blood flow and as a result the circulatory system improves, as well as the muscular structure of a person. Also it demolishes any stiffness or pain in the joints.

• Breathing yogas help in improving the respiratory system as well as the cardiovascular system in pumping regulated blood throughout the body. Sending in more oxygen in the body helps in long life of the body cells and drains out any toxic materials in the body.

• Yoga helps in improving the density of the bones as it is a great weight bearing exercise. It is especially good for women closening menopause, and for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

• It is extremely god for the cardiovascular system as it slowly lowers your blood pressure and keeps it normal. Especially hatha yoga can lower your hypertension, heart rate and cholesterol.

• Not only the physical health, but the mental health can also gain a lot from yoga asanas. It prevents headaches and serious migraines and helps in strengthening the antioxidants in your cell, resulting in strong immunity throughout the body.

• Yoga helps in lose weight and maintain a strong physique. As Bikram yoga is an important exercise in burning calories and fat, it helps in maintaining a perfect health and body structure.

• Yoga postures and asanas can help remove stress and insomnia, and can help the mind focused and motivated.

• Yoga is an effective tool for preventing many types of non-curable diseases like cancer, benign tumors, stroke, dietary diseases and also day to day infections.

So, you would have found the answer for why yoga. Yoga is the only effective way through which you can be healthy from body as well as from mind. If practiced on a regular basis, it not only makes you fit, but gives a charm to your behavior. As hypertension and stress is the cause of certain diseases, it can take you far from these things. So, have more knowledge on the powerful postures of yoga and keep faith in yourself.


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